cold cream vegetables to lose weight in 15 days

Fall and spring are the best seasons to cleanse the body and lose weight in a balanced way to achieve our ideal weight. In this article we propose a simple..

Preparing natural astringents

Astringents are products that serve to give effect to the skin, reduce open pores, disguising the face look tired and renew the dermis. While we can get much better shops..

Discover how to make the five most pleasant massages

Good massages are priceless. Although a good professional can delight us for a while, they can never overcome wellness massages we provide we can do as a couple, at home...

Valora people when you, not when you lose

Throughout our existence, and the life cycle, many people lose loved ones. We are not just talking about death, because in our way we have said goodbye significant beings who,..

Forbidden foods with stomach ulcer

The stomach ulcer is an injury that affects the stomach lining and it is characterized by pain in the upper abdomen. Many say they feel a kind of burning or..

Parmesan cheese dumplings

This recipe is something elaborate, but well worth it for all those who like meat. It is a delicious dish for an original and different food, not always eat the..

9 ointments for treating insect bites

While they are more frequent in summer, no one is saved from insect bites. We are not exempt from being bitten by a spider, a mosquito, ant or other small..

What are fibroids and how to treat

Fibroids or uterine fibroids are (non-cancerous) tumors that grow in the lining of the uterus in women. Between 20 and 50% of the female population of childbearing age have them..

How to whiten your teeth with coconut oil, turmeric and clay

With these three natural ingredients we can achieve amazing results in the appearance of our teeth. Not only function as a dentifrice 100% natural, but also allow us to remove..

The benefits of anti-stress diet

Sometimes, our daily obligations, our problems and concerns, make end up changing our diet. This, plus the accumulation of toxins derived from stress, makes our health begins to suffer. We..

chocolate covered cherries

Do you like cherries? Do you love chocolate? So do not miss this excellent recipe to prepare and enjoy chocolate covered cherries (with some more ingredients for turning into a..

Болезнь Паркинсона

Болезнь Паркинсона является нейродегенеративным заболеванием, вызываемым двигательные нарушения; то есть, изменяет способность движения объекта, который, как некоторые трудности будут перенаправлять различные стадии заболевания. В то время как эволюция дегенеративного процесса может..


Фимоз является очень распространенным заболеванием у детей раннего возраста. По оценкам, до 95% мальчиков может иметь эту аномалию в течение первых лет жизни. Тем не менее, он также может появиться по..

Бисквит торт, пирог и шоколад

бисквитный торт, пирог и шоколад Он представляет собой композицию из трех изысков, которые вместе образуют один из самых простых и десертов богатого мира. Редкий ребенок, который не сделал с ее..

клубничный торт мороженое

клубничный торт мороженое удивительно вкусный десерт и очень кричащий и красочным, поэтому он идеально подходит для десерта события или партии. Если вы хотите удивить своего партнера на День святого Валентина,..

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