Why are we talking asleep?

Have you ever been told that you were talking in your sleep? Have you been assured that during sleep you can even hold conversations with those around you or over..

5 juices to regulate the levels of blood sugar

The pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin, whose function is to regulate the levels of blood sugar to prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes. This is common in..

irregular menstruation: What should you know?

It is true that the arrival of menstruation is not happy nor women to celebrate. However, it is important understand when is a regular cycle and when irregular. Uncertainty and..

How to have healthy eyes

Have you noticed that more and more people are walking down the street with prescription glasses? This is not a fad or the medicine has come a long way, but..

The most important thing when dating

When we dive into the action of dating we ignore the most important to focus, only in the superficial. So, we choose those that suit our prototype: Brunettes or blondes,..

What are the condiments and dressings with fewer calories?

Here you will find the nutritional composition of the most used in cooking condiments today. This will allow choose those who do not fatten and benefit your health, besides allowing..

Remedy surprising to remove wrinkles naturally

Natural beauty remedies work and also have no side effects skin or health. They are effective thanks to vitamins, minerals and fatty acids containing, with high antioxidant properties, which help..

It is dangerous to “blow” the bones

Cracking, blow, or cracked bones (whatever you call it) is a very common practice, especially because we use it to descontracturar. However, studies indicate that it is dangerous blow bones...

What should we do if we suffer a nosebleed?

Perhaps you ever there bleeding nose. Some people suggest that in that case Bring your head back, others better place a piece of cotton into the hole and there are..

4 Easy ways to reduce uric acid

Have you ever heard about the high uric acid? Maybe your doctor has diagnosed you what you or a family member. What can we do? The first recommendation is to always..

Sore throat if you do not eat these foods

When we have a sore throat or flu all we want is to sleep and at most, drink soup or tea. However during the first symptoms sometimes we do not..

How to detect early breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a very common disease for women. Although it is impossible to know who is going to play because many of the risk factors can not be changed,..

Nutella crepes and cream

Pancakes are a recipe of French cuisine, delicious to eat on any occasion. While they may be sweet or savory, this time we'll show you how to do Nutella crepes..

9 cosmetic uses olive oil will make you look beautiful

It is no secret that olive oil is one of the more healthy fats that it benefits the body. Therefore, nutrition experts and cooking do not hesitate to recommend it..

You know the golden face mask? Discover what it is and what are its benefits

In the world of cosmetic thousands of natural ingredients whose properties benefit the skin and hair they are used. One of the least known is nothing more and nothing less..

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