Thins easily stopped eating flour

At breakfast, at lunch, in the afternoon tea and dinner. At all times we eat foods containing flour, such as bread, pastries or pasta, because they allow us to cook..

10 simple strategies to improve your memory

Do you forget the simplest things? Do you see it costs you to focus or that others have more memory you? Do not worry. You bear in mind that sometimes..

6 Healthy foods to control hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition that occurs when blood sugar levels in the blood drop, It is equal or lower than 60 mg / dl. Although it is not healthy to..

Clues about family stress: when the family drowns

Family stress is the most often affects the population, after work. Relationships we have with our partners, children and close relatives sometimes put us in very complex situations that do..

Meatloaf and potato omelette

Two separate and seem impossible to do things. But no. It exists and is easy to prepare. Introducing the meatloaf and potato omelette. Option 1: Meatloaf and potato omelette Ingredients:..

5 permissions for your emotional growth that must give from today

Let's talk about emotional permissions. It is quite possible that no one has told you about them. In fact, neither they are studied in schools or our parents sometimes worry..

Harpagofito: natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic

With a strange name, This medicinal plant that grows without being cultivated in the area of ​​Madagascar (South Africa) has multiple benefits worth knowing. The harpagofito is known as "devil's..

Fruits suitable for regulating hypertension

The need to maintain regulated our blood pressure is essential to our health. Thus we avoid the risk of various cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems and even strokes. We must..

Take care of your heart and liver thanks to the warm water with lemon

In recent years is increasing interest in natural plants and, especially, for those so close and beneficial foods such as lemon, able to take care of our health as you would..

Sprouted foods: flower seeds that make the body

Did you know that the bean sprouts contain 27% more protein than meat, eggs or milk, but without the fat? Fermented foods are sprouts that are ingested while still alive..

Pie pastry (individual) and ham with potatoes

Phyllo sheets offer endless opportunities to fill. Whether sweet or savory, acertarás insurance. Putting your liking said filling, and only about 15-20 cooking in the oven, depending on the manufacturer,..

8 Simple ways to get rid of belly fat

Losing belly fat is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face when losing weight. While fat tends to be located in different areas of our body, the belly is..

3 medicinal teas to strengthen and clean veins and arteries

You know what one of the most dangerous enemies of your health? You know what condition the lives of millions of people is carried around the world each year? Arteriosclerosis. The..

Green Enchiladas Chicken

Would you like to learn how to prepare a good Mexican dish for a theme party or to surprise your guests? No need to travel to this Latin American country..

Recommendations to have beautiful and strong nails

Hands are like the calling card of every person, are responsible for giving good or bad first impression and it is necessary to look after them and keep them healthy...

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