Horsetail, a slimming plant and remineralizante

Horsetail is a medicinal plant with numerous health properties, among which the help eliminate fluid retention, so it is supplemented diets in which the person feels bloated. In addition, it is an excellent remedy to improve skin, nails and hair.

Explain all its properties, how should we take to enjoy it and where we can find it. Some people even discover that can go get close to home.

Properties horsetail

These are just some of the main properties of horsetail or Equisetum arvense:

It is diurética

He is possibly best known for helping to remove excess fluids in our body, thanks to its content in potassium, flavonoids and sapónidos medicinal plant. You can increase up to 30% the amount of urine.

Thus, It is recommended for fluid retention, edema, reumatitis, gout, kidney stones and urinary tract infections, among others.

It is slimming

Precisely because of its diuretic property, this plant helps us lose weight, but we must consider that we shall not eliminating excess fluid if not fat.

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Its ability to remove fluid is added to eliminate toxins, so this plant, combined with others such as milk thistle, nettle, dandelion or burdock, allow us to purify our body of toxic elements.

We can make a cure purifying a few times a year, in autumn and spring, taking daily infusions of these plants.


Its high and varied mineral content makes this plant a powerful remineralizing. It is ideal to nourish our bones and prevent weakening, as in cases of osteoporosis or caries, or to improve healing of bone injuries.

It also helps us in times of tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, convalescence, anemia, among others.

 It improves the condition of skin, nails and hair

Its high silicon content, which helps form collagen, deeply nourishes the skin and nails, and thanks to its cleansing properties allows us to keep them clean of toxins and bacteria and fungi. Thus, horsetail helps prevent the appearance of pimples, eczema and wrinkles, and may even fade stretch marks.

Its silicon content also benefits the hair, enhancing growth and improving texture. It also prevents gray hair, baldness or dandruff.

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It is regenerating, healing and controls hemoragias

Horsetail is a powerful cell regenerator and It helps to improve wound healing and marks on the skin.

Thanks also to its astringent properties can control or even cure bleeding. We recommend it in case of bleeding wounds, nosebleeds, skin ulcers or very heavy periods.

Improves flexibility of tendons

Horsetail is very useful for people who perform strenuous exercise usually or they are suffering from sore tendons.

How do we take the ponytail?

I neil-farnworthI neil-farnworth
The most common way to take it is infused, boiling plant for five minutes and letting it sit another five. If we want to treat a particular ailment recommend taking three cups a day for a month and a half later to rest for a few weeks. The treatment can be repeated throughout the year.

We can also opt for a syrup or extract. Then we follow the manufacturer's or doctor. And we can gargle (for ailments of the throat, gums or mouth sores) or apply it externally, as it acts as desinflamante and is useful in the case of vaginal infections, hemorrhoids, herpes, eczema, glaucoma, etc.

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Where do we get it?

Manuel M. Ramos horsetailManuel M. Ramos horsetail

We can buy in health food, diet or in some supermarkets, since it is a well known plant. We can get to make tea or extract or tablets, depending on the intensity of treatment or our comfort. For the latter cases we recommend consulting with a therapist or doctor.

we also know that We can naturally find this plant during the summer in damp places, along rivers, lakes or swamps, especially in clay soils. The part used is the stem, no leaves, which are dried in hanging sheaves.

Images courtesy of Manuel M. Ramos, uteart and neil-farnworth

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