The leukonychia is a nail disease that many people around the world. However, the name of this disease is not well known. It is those little white spots or yellowing appearing inside nails, as a small "little clouds" covering some part.

Its origin has been the subject of urban legends for long. When a speck of these appeared, they thought it was for each of the lies that we had or was due to the absence of calcium in our body.

Are these some theories?

Although it may sound convincing any of these stories or theories, in fact, all are wrong. The spots, which turn out to be unsightly, but harmless, usually appear because "there has been previously an inflammatory process or trauma to the nail matrix causing keratinization is abnormal." He explains Dr. Pablo Unamuno, Head of Dermatology Hospital of Salamanca, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology: "The nail grows one millimeter every ten days, so when we see the stain in the middle of the nail it means that the injury occurred two or three months ago. "

According to Dr. Rosa Senan, mild strokes nails, sharp or aggressive manicures, continuous improper bites or cuts can cause the cuticle nail small lesions appear.

Is there a treatment?

Currently there is no treatment of leukonychia. Simply must wait for the nail to grow to cut the part where the little spot appeared. You can also hide a dark nail varnish.

If a spot appears only on the nail, it's not a situation you have to worry. However, if what appears on the nail is a line side by side, it may have been generated damage. In this case it is necessary to go to the dermatologist for a diagnosis of the problem. Another reason why you should see a doctor is because the nail can begin to dim and clarified significantly, "In these cases, the problem is not in the film, but in the bed (under the nail) and can warn us of some underlying disease, "warns professor Unamuno.

Care to avoid illness

What main nail care to prevent this disease:

  • - continuous Hydration
  • - Do not use rough brushes to clean nails
  • - Maintain a balanced diet
  • - Do not iron out excessively or aggressively.