Urine infection is a very common disease of the urinary system that affects more women. It's annoying and painful, and besides irritability, can cause insomnia and we have to limit some of our daily activities.

It is true that you should never act without a prescription, but often just doomed to compulsory use of antibiotics, which in addition to damaging the liver, sometimes they can end up becoming resistant and not acting as effectively as they should. Hence the importance of prevention and take steps to know that urinary tract infection, or cystitis, again not disturb our needy day.

What are the causes of urinary tract infection?

After our kidneys have fulfilled their excellent work to cleanse the blood, deposited toxins in the bladder to be subsequently expelled through urine, hence the importance for example that all ducts leading from the kidney to the urethra are intact, free of obstructions and with an acidic environment to prevent the occurrence of bacteria conditions. But sometimes, factors related to age, pregnancy, menopause, some anticoceptivos, prostatitis, diseases such as diabetes or physical abnormalities of the urinary tract ... etc, can cause the growth of bacteria and consequent blockage of the urinary tract favoring Consequently urine inflammation or cystitis.


  • Stinging or burning when urinating.
  • Pressure in the pelvic area.
  • Continuing urgency to urinate.
  • Dark urine and even appearance of blood in it.
  • Fever.

natural treatment for urinary tract infection


Water Water: Basic and indispensable, always. Recommended two to three liters a day, cleanse our urinary tract and fight infection.

Most suited to treat cystitis or urinary tract infection is initiating treatment with natural antibiotics favoring the resolution of these bacteria in the urine.

  • Red cranberry: primary to combat urinary infections thanks to its antioxidant substances such as anthocyanins and carotenoids, including vitamin C. Its antiseptic and antibiotic function enables that can act directly on the seeds, preventing for example E. coli bacteria adhere to source urinary tract walls, while vitamin C strengthens the immune system fighting infection.
  • Parsley and garlic: excellent food with antibiótocas properties. We can add to our meals or eat them apart. Parsley is most suitable mixing it with other acidic fruit juice and garlic as we can macerlarlo and eat it with a little olive oil.
  • lactobacilli They are equally beneficial, we can find them in supermarkets in fermented dairy products, for example, helping to improve the intestinal flora and to develop antibodies.
  • diuretics: They help us to remove foreign bodies from the urinary tract and to combat fluid retention. They are therefore indispensable when our diets include asparagus, cucumbers, celery, alfalfa ... And especially pineapple, great benefit thanks to its desinflamantes oaks.

Recommendations to prevent infection

Oranges have long been recognized as a very interesting fruit for its vitamin C.

Oranges have long been recognized as a very interesting fruit for its vitamin C. Oranges have long been recognized as a very interesting fruit for its vitamin C.

  • Increase your fluid intake to facilitate the growth of bacteria.
  • Taking Vitamin C, orange juice, lemon, pineapple, blueberries ...
  • Always take care of your personal hygiene.
  • Do not drink or coffee, alcoholic drinks and green tea, as it irritates the bladder and our discomfort.

You see is really simple to treat urinary tract infection, requires will and a balanced diet which abound liquids, especially cranberry. It has been scientifically proven its wonderful properties to fight infection, so well worth a try and have it always at hand, whether natural or juices that can be found easily in every supermarket.