The Granada is a fruit with a high antioxidant, vitamin-rich power, it has many medicinal benefits.

various parts of the fruit for several diseases, among which the property is used for reduce the risk of heart attacks, improve blood flow to the heart and keep arteries of fatty deposits.

Several studies have shown that Granada is one of the fruits that have more properties. Has high vitamin C, vitamin B5 plus (pantothenic acid), natural phenols, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E and folic acid. It also has high levels of antioxidants, which fight free radicals and prevent cell aging.

Granada of seeds, flowers, bark, etc. are used, and in many cases their juice is recommended, giving their properties easily.

Granada redsea2006Granada redsea2006

The Granada and arteries

A recent study has shown that Granada can prevent and even reverse the leading cause of death due to cardiac reasons, which it is the progressive thickening of coronary arteries due to the buildup of fatty deposits known as atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis can be caused by hypertension, oxidative stress and mainly cholesterol, and there are three imbalances that directly combat Granada.

Granada juice has been shown to reduce atherosclerosis in 25% of patients who participated in the study.

Granada juice quinn-anyaGranada juice quinn-anya

What other properties have?

  • Reduces the development of cataracts
  • Improves diabetes
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Relieve the stress
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels LDL "bad"
  • slightly lower blood pressure
  • It helps prevent various cancers, especially prostate
  • Prevents fat accumulation in the abdomen
  • It helps prevent cartilage deterioration
  • Its astringent property helps prevent diarrhea (people with constipation should not abuse the juice Granada), especially if we use the infusion of shell and tree bark
  • Eliminates intestinal parasites
  • It reduces the dental plaque and has antibacterial effects. In India white and bitter parts of Granada as ingredients used in natural toothpastes
  • It protects the skin from ultraviolet (applied topically).

How do we take?

The naturally can consume preferably fasting. Many people do not consume and the difficulty to remove the seeds. It suffices we cut it in half and let's hit the part of the shell with a spoon. We can also cut it into four quarters to go seeds peeling easier.

We can also make juice with seeds. Currently many herbalists and dietary too commercialized. Whether we prepare ourselves as if we buy it is important to avoid white sugar. Instead, we can sweeten with a little honey or stevia. This juice leaves a slightly rough feel on the tongue, because the tannins, which have astringent properties. We can also mix this juice with apple, orange, carrot, ginger, etc. to enjoy multiple properties.

We can also get peel extract, which has an antioxidant power and even more effects on cholesterol pulp.

The seed oil Granada It helps us achieve profound effects on our body and to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, we can use this oil topically to improve skin condition, thanks to its high antioxidant, to prevent wrinkles, firming and regenerating the skin and delay aging. It also helps soothe irritated and itchy skin.

Granado flowers, they are very astringent, are also used in infusion for diarrhea and can be applied externally. To prepare the infusion 30 grams of flowers are used per liter of water, allowing them to stand for 15 minutes.

Granada flower four yearsGranada flower four years

Infusing leaves pomegranate It helps prevent anemia if we take three cups throughout the day, for at least two months.

Whatever we choose how we will take at least three months and evaluate its effects.

We recommend always consult with your doctor, as some foods can interfere with the effects of some medications.

Images courtesy of Vanessa Pike-Russell, redsea2006, quinn-anya and four years