Japanese technique to eliminate stress

Nobody can deny that stress is "evil of the century" and it brings many negative consequences for our health.

In Japan they have created a revolutionary technique that promises putting off the fatigue, nerves and anxiety in minutes.

Would you like to meet her? Then read this article.

The Japanese method to reduce stress

The Japanese method to reduce stressThe Japanese method to reduce stress

Exhaustion and fatigue, together with debt and charges form a combination detrimental to our health. It seems that stress is common and not health and tranquility.

In those moments when things at work or at home have complicated we advise you to take out an oriental technique rather than interesting.

In the West we do not know the power of every part of our body in general and fingers in particular. Each of them is related to an emotion or feeling different.

The theory is that whichever will be relieving pressures or masajees a specific pain.

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If you put a palm next to each other and press for a few seconds you could reach eradicate the negative aspects of your life (Including certain ailments or diseases that develop as a result of toxic emotions).

To better understand this mechanism, you must first know the power of each finger.


  • Thumb: Concerns, nerves and stress.
  • Index: Fears.
  • Mayor: anger, rage and anger.
  • Cancel: Depression, sadness and lack of decision.
  • Pinky: Pessimism, lack of energy and anxiety.

"Scientific" explanation for this technique is based on the hands are connected to the brain, on time, to the area that handles emotions.

To carry out this mechanism must hold close the left fist and wrap it or embrace it with the fingers of his right hand.

Then exerts pressure only with the specific finger of your ailment or problem. If it stress, then the thumb is the one. Hold for about 30 seconds, rest another 30 and start again as many times as you want or can.

Press your fingers and improve your life

Press your fingers and improve your lifePress your fingers and improve your life

Another option to work through emotions fingers is based on a Japanese art called "Jin Shin Jyutsu" (in translation would be something like "Art of Happiness").

Must hand massage points as we happen. Thumb are the concerns, fears the index, the greater the anger, sadness ring and pinky claims.

Opens one hand and pay attention to the finger that matches your situation.

Press in two phalanges for a few minutes using the thumb and forefinger of the other hand or with the closed so that finger in question remains "locked" fist. Once complete change hands and repeat the exercise.

These techniques not only help us in cases of stress or emotional problems; also to alleviate physical ailments. In that case we explain that "serves" each finger:

  • Thumb: Stomach and spleen, headaches or stomach and skin problems.
  • Index: Kidneys and bladder, muscle aches and digestive problems.
  • Mayor: Gallbladder and liver, menstrual pain or headache, visual or blood problems and fatigue.
  • Cancel: Colon and lungs, indigestion, respiratory problems (particularly asthma).
  • Pinkie: Heart and intestine, bone problems.

Easternmost techniques to combat stress

It seems that Asians are experts in getting a "zen" state of tranquility and good humor. So most of the exercises that are recommended or methods come from this continent.

In addition to leveraging the benefits of the technique of the fingers if you have a significant degree of stress we recommend you choose from the following:


The first traces of practicing this technique and philosophy of life back to the year 3000. C., as paintings found in India. It has been claimed by meditation and the ability to unite the body with the soul.

Throughout history they have developed various branches of yoga but all have the same purpose: to strike a balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Among the many benefits of yoga you are: lose weight, eliminate pain (especially back), tone muscles, providing flexibility and combat depression and stress. Relaxation is achieved through various positions according to each person.

Forest bath

Forest bathForest bath

In order to implement this technique known as "Shinrin Yoku" You must walk barefoot through a park or a field.

The idea is that by walking nature must enter the body through the five senses. It improves mood, creativity and health. The idea is to walk across the lawn, at least one hour twice a week.

We need to pay attention only to what surrounds you and you enjoy a delicious tea or fruit juice while walking. mobile or problems are not allowed.

According to studies also reduces blood pressure, cortisol (stress hormone) and anxiety, while strengthens the immune system and stimulate cognitive functions.

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Tai Chi

It is an oriental discipline that seeks to find the perfect balance between body and mind using slow but vigorous movements. Insurance practice has seen people in a park; It is fun and for all ages.

It is a martial art, but also an activity to relax. Among its benefits we find stress reduction, physical incentives, elimination of body rigidity and fluidity of positive energy.



It is of Japanese origin and helps us relieve all kinds of ailments caused by stress as, for example, stiff shoulders and back.

It is based on pressure in various specific points of the body, each related to the nervous system and organs.

It reduces tensions and active energy, but also it eliminates toxins, regulates blood pressure and removes anxiety and sleep disorders.


This practice was invented in China and aims to improve the quality of life in older people. It is based on a series of breathing exercises to reduce nerves, encourage balance and achieve serenity.

It is also used in the offices at critical moments. Among its advantages: it allows adequate conscious breathing and helps to meditate, strengthens muscles, restores sleep and eliminates tension or stress.


It is also a martial art, but unlike karate or taekwondo, promotes mental serenity, rejects violence and respect others.

The movements are circular and allow improve the ability to concentrate while balancing the mind, eliminates stress and muscle tone. The meaning of the word "aikido" means way of energy and harmony.

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