The oven is one of the more household appliances dirty, because food we bake spend minutes or even hours into it, and most often splashing fats and other substances inside the appliance. Often housewives wonder what is the most effective way to clean the oven, as you need to remove those excess fats and wastes that can turn this appliance in a perfect environment for microorganisms.

Today on the market there are a lot of products for cleaning ovens, but they are not always the best option. These products are usually loaded with toxic chemicals and sometimes not cleaned as well as they can do other cleaning methods. A great option to give proper hygiene to the ovens and get rid of the dirt is using natural products.

Natural products are an excellent alternative cleaning, as well as being very effective to remove grease and dirt are also kind to the environment by not polluting. Then we leave the best ways to clean your oven with natural products.


Treating migraine la-with-saltTreating migraine la-with-salt

The use of salt in cooking can be extended beyond spice up our meals. This very inexpensive and easy to purchase we can be very useful to disinfect and clean the oven naturally product.

How to use salt to clean the oven?

Mix in a ½ liter container of water and 250 grams of salt. Subsequently this mixture by extending the furnace walls, especially in those areas where notes stains and food spatters. Leave on products of 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with the help of a wet sponge.

Possibly remove all traces of odor after doing this cleaning method. To eliminate these odors makes a mixture of ½ liter of white wine vinegar and 250 grams of salt. Mixing the two ingredients until the salt is completely diluted and placed into a spray mixture. Sprayed the walls of the oven and leave for a few minutes. Finally removes debris with a wet sponge.



Lemon is an antibacterial and antiseptic we helps remove microorganisms that they accumulate in our oven when it is dirty. Its pleasant aroma helps to eliminate odors and It is also an excellent ally to remove fat.

How to use lemon to clean the oven?

To easily clean your oven, cut two lemons in half and squeeze juice. Then pour it into a pan and insert it in the oven. Program the oven 30 minutes at 250 ° C. After this time you can remove the pan and the oven walls clean with a rag.


Apple vinagerApple vinager

Vinegar is another product of choice for housecleaning. Vmasters to enhance their properties with the benefits of sodium bicarbonate to clean the oven.

How to use vinegar to clean the oven?

Mixing a good amount of apple cider vinegar with sodium bicarbonate and store in a spray. Then spray the mixture all over the walls of the oven and program it to 120 ° C for ten minutes. Then allowed to cool the oven and remove excess fat with a wet sponge.

Sodium bicarbonate

sodium bicarbonatesodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural product that has multiple uses in the kitchen and medicinal level. For household cleaning it can also become a great ally and we can facilitate the work of cleaning the oven.

How to use baking soda to clean the oven?

Mix one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water and the mixture placed in an atomizer. Spray the furnace walls with the mixture, leave on overnight and the next day fat removed with a sponge.

Another option is to mix a cup of baking soda with a little water to form a paste. Place the dough in the oven walls with a cloth, leave for two hours and after this time, remove dirt with a sponge.