We usually talk a lot about the benefits this ancient practice has on the body (Especially its effects on the muscles, joints and heart) but not so much about the advantages psychologically.

Why then have you What are the emotional benefits of yoga. Do not hesitate to take classes!

Yoga and emotions

yoga meditation nature relaxation Respositoryyoga meditation nature relaxation Respository

The main benefits of yoga can be summarized in three groups: body, mind and spirit.

This ancient art undoubtedly improve our quality of life and is composed of different postures, chanting, breathing exercises and meditation.

For many Yoga is a lifestyle, a way to find wellness and inner peace.

It involves an observation of the inner self, a disconnect with everything around us and a search for personal fulfillment as no equal.

Since the breath with movement is integrated (through postures) practice indisputably changes us.

Yoga is used as a preventative, healing and rehabilitation medicine because it has the ability to stimulate various processes such as blood flow, oxygenation of the cells and transport energy.

All these benefits are undoubtedly associated with improved mental and emotional level. Yoga is not only good for the body but for the soul.

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The emotional benefits of yoga

If you're looking for an activity that will contribute many advantages psychologically, please do yoga. These are the main emotional benefits of a beautiful old practice:

1. It provides serenity and peace

The current city life makes us nervous, restless and irritable beings.

When we do yoga, breathing helps us relax, calm ourselves and see things differently. We refine our senses, better perceive what surrounds us and reduce fights or confrontations.

To breathe properly remove our feelings of anger, rage, hatred ... In short, all those emotions that make us sick and do not allow us to live in harmony.

2. Reduce stress


That word known to all as currently exists for the pace of life we ​​live.

We walked in a hurry, come here and there with a frown, we fight with people who do not know, we hear noises all the time ... until we got to the yoga class and it seems that the world changes completely.

By practicing this ancient technique cortisol levels are reduced, a hormone related to stress.

While it is necessary to regulate our energy and act in stressful situations, when it is at very high levels it is bad for our health.

3. Increase your self-esteem

There are not many people who can say "I believe in myself" or "I am confident in my abilities."

Thanks to yoga can improve self-esteem, self-examination but without criticizing, eliminate all those negative thoughts that limit us and fill the mind with positive ideas that allow us to grow.

Undoubtedly, it is a wonderful tool to see everything more clearly, increase our vital energy, have confidence in our abilities and make decisions with greater confidence.

4. Improves sleep quality

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating sleep cycles. For its part, the neurotransmitter called serotonin has the task of regulating from humor to appetite.

Both are balanced when we do yoga and therefore we can better rest every night.

If you have insomnia, too many nightmares or trouble sleeping you there is nothing more advisable than a yoga session.

Night "will sleep like an angel" and in the morning you will feel completely renovated.

5. Elevate the intellectual skills

yoga postureyoga posture

The practice of this oriental doctrine improves our abilities to reason, make decisions and think.

further It increases our ability to concentrate because of the stillness of the positions and breathing.

This ability can move to any everyday situation (work, study, etc.) to avoid distractions and have more memory.

6. Improved mood

Everyday problems, accounts, transit, overtime ... All this changes the way we see things and make us moody, angry and grumpy people.

When we do yoga improve serotonin levels, which prevent depression, anxiety and anger as with any other exercise.

7. Optimize the relationship with ourselves

If we are in balance with our bodies and our minds We can get along with others, to get what we want and be happier.

If, on the other hand, we do not forgive us, we search thousands of defects and we compare with the rest, the only thing we get is grief and frustration.

Yoga can help people to:

  • Abandon the habit of snuff
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Do not eat more
  • They can fulfill their goals
  • Find the positive side of things
  • They stay with the good thing about life
  • Be confident.

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8. prevents neurodegenerative diseases

Yoga, meditation together, increases the size of structures called telomeres, which, when they are small, cause early aging, certain diseases and premature death.

With only 15 minutes a day of either of the two activities we ensure the growth of such structures and, therefore, we can prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.