Many people, especially children, do not like last eaten fruit, that is, when it is overripe.

However, it is a time when the fruit is at its peak sweetness and creaminess, which makes it ideal for many recipes ingredient.

In this article we propose 6 single and healthy ways to take advantage of the overripe fruit to surprise the whole family.

1. overripe fruit sponge cake

Overripe fruit cakeOverripe fruit cake

When making a recipe with overripe fruit, we never present as well. However, it is one of the best options to take advantage of it because it will give more sweetness to the cake and will allow us to use less sugar, which it is not too healthy.

Also it brings a lot of juiciness and prevent the cake is dry.

The most recommended for use in biscuits fruits are bananas, apples, peaches, apricots, strawberries, mangoes and plums. We should avoid those that contain too much water.

According to our tastes we can crush them completely with mixer or leave some larger pieces.

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2. Nutritious Smoothies

nutritious milkshakesnutritious milkshakes

The smoothies are the perfect solution to fix breakfast or snack fast and healthy way. In addition, it will appeal to all our guests, because we can add the ingredients you want to give different flavor (such as cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, etc.).

Among other ideas and combinations, you can enjoy the following Shakes:

  • Banana and cocoa, very energetic.
  • Apple and cinnamon, sweet and tasty.
  • Strawberry and vanilla, soft and delicate.
  • Pear and ginger, refreshing and purifying.
  • Mango and avocado, tropical and nutritious.

Smoothies allow us also add ingredients with medicinal properties that will almost unnoticed, like spinach leaves, yeast, maca, pollen, wheat germ or extra virgin coconut oil.

Unlike liquefied juices, smoothies give us a good amount of fiber and are very satiating.

3. Gelatin agar

Gelatins are a very healthy dessert. However, those sold as prepared usually contain a large amount of white sugar or sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, etc.

It is much healthier and natural prepare at home with overripe fruit no one wants to eat.

We propose to use as a base agar agar, a jelly of plant origin, since it is a very beneficial for our digestive system alga.

How do we prepare?

  • We dissolve the agar agar (10 g per liter of liquid) in cold water, mixing with the ingredients that we have chosen and put to fire.
  • Simmer all for one minute, stirring and then we will put in containers where we want let cool.
  • When it is warm we can keep in the fridge to finish curdle.

4. Healthy Ice Cream

healthy ice creamhealthy ice cream

Who does not like ice cream? The problem is the same as gelatins, and that usually carry many unhealthy ingredients which we could do without if we prepare at home.

In addition, fruit ices, whether or overripe fruit, make this dessert in a healthy to take from time to time without remorse alternative.

  • Based ice cream will always cream, the ingredient that will contribute to ice cream creaminess.
  • We can also play with consistent fruits like avocado or banana to give body to ice cream while we reduce the amount of cream.
  • We will miss only add the sweetener (brown sugar, molasses, honey, etc.) and ingredients you want to include: pieces of fruit, nuts, chocolate, essences, etc.

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5. sweet and savory sauces

Last fruit allows us to produce sweet sauces to accompany cakes, pancakes or waffles, but also sauces with a salty touch, type chutney to accompany meats.

Chutney is a type of sauce Indian cuisine in which fruits such as mango, coconut, orange or apple juice with other ingredients like garlic, curry, mint, lime, cinnamon, mustard, ginger, coriander, fenugreek and tamarind are mixed.

The result is a surprising mixture of flavors that offer a dish much more original and digestive meat.