Jaw pain: have you ever had?

Jaw pain has the most common source of anxiety. However, it should also say that is a kind of very annoying condition that sometimes occurs with other disorders such as bruxism or even a joint problem.

If you have ever suffered you are likely to be disappearing over time, especially if the problem was an emotional component as a source, as these nerves often suffer because of stress.

Since it is a type of common problem among the population, it is worthwhile to delve a bit on the symptoms, causes and remedies for jaw pain. We invite you to take note.

Jaw pain: Causes you to keep in mind

Pain-in-the jaw-o-the-teethPain-in-the jaw-o-the-teeth

We should note that jaw pain can manifest itself in various facial areas. Some people notice it more in one ear than the other, and some people suffer more discomfort during eating or talking.

This problem is associated with the anatomy of the temporomandibular joint, which is housed a complex network of nerves and structures that could ignite or present some pathologies.

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Let's see them in detail.

It focuses pain in the ears

Sometimes, he is suffering from jaw pain that focuses on one ear or both. In this case, the discomfort radiates the highest area of ​​the face, even to the head.

  • This joint pain appears especially when we talk, yawn and when we eat.
  • Sometimes it is confused with a simple toothache but actually, we could be facing an erosion of the temporomandibular joint itself.
  • There may be a problem in the cartilaginous disc of the joint ligaments or nerves in this area.
  • They are all factors which will analyze a specialist. However, we must bear in mind that bone wear this joint is something that can occur with age.

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When we can not open the jaw completely

If ever you felt that you could not open the jaw completely stop and think how was the rhythm of your life during those days.

  • Failure to properly manage stress and pressure of our environment generates a response of "escape" in our brain that results in muscle tension, acceleration of the heart and body rigidity that focuses on the shoulders, neck and expensive.
  • Almost without realizing just tensing jaw, teeth rechinamos night and symptoms like ringing in the ears, headache and trouble opening or closing the jaw.

This issue just disappear with time but, while it lasts, can become very disabling. The origin is in such stress that we must learn to manage properly.

Avoid stress and anxietyAvoid stress and anxiety


In our space we've spoken more than once on the mandibular problem associated with such behavior that part of the population is at night without realizing it: teeth grinding.

  • Bruxism can be operated from misalignment of teeth or even a night jitters caused by improper diet, the accumulated stress of the day or even the inability to enjoy a relaxing and restful sleep.
  • Bruxism requires proper care of a professional who can recommend us, for example, we use a dental splint to sleep.

However, bruxism is also one of the most common causes related to jaw pain.

Simple techniques for treating jaw pain

yoga exercise relaxingmusicyoga exercise relaxingmusic

Take care of your cervical posture

One way to reduce the symptoms associated with temporomandibular disorder (jaw pain) is taking care of our position, especially the area of ​​the shoulder, neck and head.

When we force posture tension in the neck and jaw appears, in fact, it is something we do not realize when we work, watch TV or talk on the phone.

Always remember to respect the back-neck axis: Harmonics must be straight and relaxed.

In turn, points out that both lips and teeth should be together. Language, meanwhile, should be up on your palate, always breathing through the nose.

your diet

  • Avoid consuming foods that tend to inflame, for example, sugar, fats, too much coffee or stimulating drinks with preservatives and sugars.
  • Increase the intake of vitamin C and calcium.

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Manage your emotions and combat stress

We know it is very easy to recommend us to manage stress properly but then carry it out is a maze of walls and difficulties.

  • Necessary mentalizing that we need moments of calm, which nerves and pressures take our health and long life.
  • Try to find moments throughout the day to relax. A good option that always helps to take care of body and mind is to practice yoga.

Seeks to implement these simple tips into your day.

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