12 warning signs of liver problems

Liver problems may go unnoticed for years. The point is that the cumulative damage tends to trigger a total failure of your liver, which may stop working.

The liver is one of the largest organs in your body and its function is vital for you to stay healthy.

Although this body has the ability to regenerate and is very durable, this does not mean it can not be affected and complications

Therefore, you must learn how to identify warning signs that your body is sending. If you pay the right attention you can keep away the problems in the liver for long.

1. Chronic inflammation of the stomach

The pronounced belly may be the result of overeating, but could also be abdominal swelling caused by liver problems.

If you feel like you were several months pregnant could be because there liver problems that are causing your belly is hard to the touch.

Pay special attention if you need to consume diuretics constantly to regulate your bowel.

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2. Unexplained pain in the bellyWoman with hands on bellyWoman with hands on belly

When you present pain on the right side under the ribs and can not be solved with medication, it could be liver problems.

These can reach generarte severe pain that is not removed with simple treatments.

3. Pain in right shoulder

It is possible that liver problems do you experience pain in the right shoulder due to serious complications, such as cancer or tumors that are growing.

As tumors increase in mass is more pressure on near the area, which mostly affects those who join your shoulder nerves.

Realize if the shoulder pain is related to your liver is easy to determine if you can induce you hiccup putting pressure on your stomach.

Remember to go to your doctor as soon as you become aware of this symptom. Only he can give you accurate diagnosis.

4. throw up with some regularity

Liver problems for your body make it much more difficult process foods and liquids.

This is usually translated as constant stress on your system, it will cause, in addition to pain and swelling, you feel sick to your stomach.

Given the above, it is not uncommon to feel the need to vomit regularly.

5. You appear mysterious bruisesbruisesbruises

The liver produces proteins needed for blood clotting. When begins to struggle to regenerate itself, protein levels fall.

This causes your skin bruising or bleeding more easily without any other explanation.

6. Sueles be exhausted

If you present feeling of tiredness and lethargy every day, you could be having liver problems.

As your body wastes accumulate, cause oxygen levels in your body are much lower.

This obstructs the oxygenation of your organs and makes you feel exhausted even when you do not perform activities that require physical exertion.

7. Your personality has changed

Here they act accumulated toxins in your blood again. They move to your brain and cause:

  • You concentrate harder.
  • Have trouble remembering things.
  • Your normal sleep cycles are affected.

All these factors tend to cause changes in your personality that will be very obvious to those around you.

These can range from extreme tiredness and lack of interest in things you like to problems and arguments with loved ones.

8. Changes in appetite

When your liver is struggling to repair, you will lose interest in food. This will result in considerable weight loss.

If your appetite begins to wane in unusual ways, it is recommended that you undergo a medical examination.

9. Skin and eyes yellow

This condition is called jaundice and It occurs when debris accumulate in your body.

The result is that the bile pigment moves into your bloodstream, making the white of your eyes and your skin will begin to have a yellow hue.

Usually common in babies, but it regulates them over time. In adults, it is a sign indicating severe liver problems.

10. Swollen anklesStrengthen-the-ankles-at-homeStrengthen-the-ankles-at-home

The swelling will not be limited to your stomach. Liquids can also accumulate in the ankles.

This inflammation is a sign that few take into account Therefore, generally, it can be produced by other conditions.

Before discarding it is recommended that you consult your doctor about possible causes.

11. Diarrhea

One of the first symptoms to be associated with liver problems is diarrhea or loose stools, so it should not be ignored.

When you have diarrhea for long periods your body does not absorb nutrients properly food.

This causes it more difficult for the body to recover properly.

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12. Dark urine

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if something is wrong with your liver. When you urine is dark and your stools lighter than normal, then you should seek medical attention.

There are many causes for dark or cloudy urine, but better rule out liver problems as soon as possible.

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