long and strong nails

Our presence matters a lot and increasingly, so it is very important to look after our hands and maintain a long and strong nails.

Many times have shattered nails bite us, the hit, the enamels weaken, break, layers are made, they are uneven, a million things; but we must not forget that a good nail care is very important when we are faced with someone, there are even people who spend more care to your hands and nails her makeup.

We know that nails are a protection against our fingers. Nails contain bacteria that accumulate throughout the day, especially under the fingernails, so a good daily hygiene of these is a must.

Now I'll tell you how to make a glaze to maintain a long, strong nails and help them grow.

What do we need to have a long and strong nails?

  • transparent glaze, either.
  • Lemon juice (10 drops)
  • 1/4 clove of garlic.
  • colorless or white iodine (is achieved in pharmacies) (10 drops). (If you can not find white iodine, soak your nails in apple cider vinegar, but do not put it in the enamel).

The first thing to do is leave some space in the transparent glaze, mix the iodine first (if you have one), then lemon juice, then all you can pica garlic, and add to the enamel. Finally remove it well and let stand twenty four hours.

Forms of use:

  • Apply every day an enamel layer without color, for fifteen days, layer after layer. Take off your nail every three days and apply a new layer.
  • Use the enamel prepared as background for the colored glaze.

Remember to take the nails filed down and pretty, hands is an important part of a person, they seem insignificant but a manicured hands with long, strong nails can give you a better picture.

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