5 steps to implement the abundance in your life

Abundance is the wonderful ability to prioritize inner greatness rather than our weaknesses.

Is grateful for everything we have, thus, be much more sensitive to opportunities and thus achieve prosperity.

This idea, apparently simple, actually contains very specific areas in which to reflect.

We live in a society where the accumulation of things and goods is synonymous with victory. Also to be physically perfect is, in turn, synonymous with social success.

How far have we come? Why the teenager who does not have the latest phone model is frustrated? Why we hate it when our body does not have an ideal measures?

Perhaps, we are focusing our reality in a way wrong.

Is necessary to reformulate many of our thought patterns to allow us to be freer, more sensitive to what really matters.

We propose to think about it. Then we invite you to reflect on these five dimensions that undoubtedly will be helpful to achieve a fuller and happier life.

1. Manage your need for artificial wealth

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All seek cover those dimensions that make up the foundation of the famous Maslow pyramid of human needs.

  • Issues such as security of a home, a few resources to feed, clothe and develop in our life to take care of our health and fitness cycle is undoubtedly essential, a priority.
  • However, in our modern societies it makes an appearance one aspect that we all know: consumerism.
  • We live in a reality where often we put aside what we have to focus our interest in what we lack.

And what we need sometimes is just a next-generation phone, a smart car, clothes marking new trends ...

  • All this leads to that to which we referred earlier: the triumph or status.

We want what others have to feel integrated to form part of that artificial homeostasis so common in our world.

Think about it. Think about whether your current needs are artificial or respond to a genuine lack a concrete and far emotional lack of such consumerism.

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2. Learn to practice gratitude

One way to take the step to discover our true wealth is grateful for what we already have. It's something that often eludes us, something that does not confer him the value it deserves:

  • Thanks, first, your own integrity, your own existence: living and being in this world is wonderful and every day we face new opportunities open to be happy.
  • I am able to realize the great things you have around you: family and friends, great treasures that offer your authentic everyday abundance.

3. The abundance is the simplest and most basic things in life


Wealth is not to have a current account with many zeros.

Not even in accumulating friends on our social networks or collecting clothes in our closets, drawers jewelry or cars in our garages.

  • The secret of happiness is in knowing how to appreciate the simple things and elementary that arise in our daily life: a good time shared with a friend, do something good and proud of ourselves, take a walk in solitude and enjoy nature ...

That's where the real wealth is inscribed.

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4. Stop focusing your life on lack

We know that applying this mindset in our day to day is not easy. It is not because we live, whether we like it or not, in times of shortage.

  • Decent work is scarce, social inequalities are the common ingredient in most world capitals.
  • Having a home itself is, in many cases, privilege or aspiration requires great sacrifices and investments.
  • We lack many things, we know. Maybe your body is not perfect, that your partner is not ideal and that your work does not allow you demonstrate your skills and abilities.
  • However, we must be clear about one thing: We can not focus our lives only in what we lack. If we do, we will flood our reality of deep dissatisfaction.

Appreciate what you already have, be thankful and look with hope your reality. It is full of opportunities and only those you can see if you feel dignified, quiet and with good self-esteem.

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5. Promotes another kind of consciousness-oriented prosperity


What do we mean by prosperity? Prosperity is let reach a stage occupied by the positive, by confirmation of dreams, desires and hopes.

The inner abundance is undoubtedly step to achieve this.

It is because only when we feel sure of ourselves, in full self, in respect for ourselves and self-esteem, we will move the gears to reach this size.

Let's put it into practice: We learn to develop our wealth, that which is within you.

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