5 questions to find your way when you feel lost and confused

How would you say that you feel today? If you are reading this article maybe you do it because you feel lost and confused or because you've recently felt that way.

This is not as rare as you might think.

We've all gone through these times when you find the compass of our life is anything but simple. This happens regardless of whether we have the best family, best friends or always dream job.

If you are going through this situation, the first thing to do is recognize that's fine. Maybe it's time to speed down a bit and realize that you're forgetting the most important in your life: you.

Answer these questions when you feel lost and find the way to get ahead.

1. How I can bring more happiness and fun to my life today?


Before we talk about when you feel lost and apparently you have everything. One of the reasons that this happens is that you focus on fulfilling all your obligations and what others expect of you.

That's not bad, provided that do not lose sight that your life should be fun and happiness.

Before worrying about everything you could change, first think about how to get a little happiness. It is so simple that sometimes we overlook.

Think about those simple things that change your mood with minimal effort.

The options are endless, but the right depends only on you and what you think is fun, so get to work and remember what you out a huge smile.

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2. What price am I willing to pay for letting this dream I'm chasing?what ifwhat if

If you feel lost because you're working hard for a project or dream that suddenly seems impossible, perhaps you've raised terminate.

Before taking this step, it is important that you stop to think what will happen if you do.

We do not say you never have to leave a goal. On the contrary, this is true when it really is not what we say deseas.Lo is that you must become aware of what that renunciation means to you.

seriously analyze what price you'll pay for that dream to leave. Sometimes the only thing is the tension that brings you and others, can affect relationships and hard work.

No one but you can decide, but it is important to know the consequences and get ready for what happens.

3. What price am I willing to pay to continue that dream or goal?

This question complements the previous one and should always be the first you do when you feel lost.

Sometimes, continuing a dream involves more stress, more tired and making difficult decisions we do not want.

In these cases it is a good idea to put in the balance the pros and cons of trying to stop or continue.

At the time of this analysis, try to be as objective as possible and think about how your decision will affect friends, family and all those around you.

In the end, all decisions must be yours, but it is better to take them being fully aware of the implications. This will require much reflection, so take it with calm and patience.

4. What I can do to be a better person?

Perhaps the reason is that you feel lost your actions and your values ​​are not congruent.

Perhaps you yourself have cheated to make certain decisions, or act in a certain way so you do not affect.

It can also happen that you've focused on you and your desires and you're forgetting the rest.

Then you think for a moment what you can do to be a better person. Anything goes, as long it is something that contributes to others and you will be born from within.

Think, surely find more than one option you can do at the same time.

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5. How do I feel about myself?Narcissistic-woman-looking-to-mirrorNarcissistic-woman-looking-to-mirror

What a question is this, right? When you feel lost, confused or not knowing where to go, this question can be very complex, but also the key to knowing which path you should take.

Forget for a moment what you feel you should do and the opinions of the rest.

To ask you this question you must focus only on yourself. Do you feel proud of what you do? Do you think you contribute something to those close to you?

If something tells you you're not doing the right thing with your life, you'll certainly feel bad results much they try to trick you into your interior.

With these five questions in mind we are confident that it will be easier to find the way you should go.

Just have a little patience because, although they seem questions Simple, you will be forced to do a really thorough analysis it will take some time.

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself and do not judge. Just listen to yourself and understand what you want.

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