Cura cleansing green tea, lemon and stevia

Seasons of spring and autumn are the ideal time of year to make a cure purifying. At least once a year, we should help our body to eliminate toxins that accumulate by inadequate nutrition, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, pollution around us, negative emotions, etc.

All this affects our health, unless we push the natural ways of cleansing our body. In this article we provide a simple but effective cure through three medical foods, which are almost miraculous: green tea, lemon and stevia.

Why a cleansing cure?

Toxins that accumulate in our bodies and are not eliminated are the cause, long-term, chronic and degenerative diseases. Our body and is responsible for removing toxic substances go through feces, urine, sweat, skin impurities, respiration, menstruation, etc.

However, it often happens that the amount of toxins is too high, so the body is saturated and can not properly remove.

The cleansing cures, cleaning or detox diets allow us to enhance the removal of these substances, benefits and notice even right after cure. We feel more vitality, better mood and surely a better physical appearance.

Importantly, these cures are not primarily to lose weight, which would have to be accompanied by a specific food. However, yes we can help control some kilo more if conducted, for example, once every two months.

Green tea

Green tea has significant antioxidant effects, which slows cell aging. Also fights fluid retention, clean the skin of impurities and soothes the effects of allergies.

It is a natural anti-cancer, so many nutritionists recommend its regular use. It should be borne in mind that although it reduces stress, has slightly stimulating effects.

Green tea kukicha Neil GormanGreen tea kukicha Neil Gorman

The lemon

medicinal and tonic food par excellence, lemon is a great cleanser of the body. Despite being an acid, it has alkalizing effect and helps to digest and dissolve fat. It is ideal for treating cardiovascular disorders.

lemon water DorteFlemon water DorteF


The most natural and healthy sweetener that can be found today, with the advantage that it does not have a calorie. Stevia slightly reduces hypertension and increases the body's natural defenses.

It tastes like licorice and little amount can sweeten much any dish. It also sells refined manner, which does not have the medical benefits that we cite, but neither has the detrimental effects of white sugar or artificial sweeteners.

estevia hebam3000estevia hebam3000

How do we cure?

Daily we prepare two liters of green tea infusion. We will use five bags or 5 teaspoons of green tea to the two liters of water.

  1. We will not let the water boil (one that reaches about 80 degrees) and let tea a maximum of 4 minutes infusion.
  2. Then, we will remove the bags or coffee grounds and add the fresh juice of two lemons.
  3. Endulzaremos infusion with a few drops of pure stevia extract, to our liking.
  4. If instead of extract, stevia have shaped dried leaf, add it at the same time prepare the infusion of green tea.

This drink, which are about 8 glasses, we will take three times a day:

  • On an empty stomach: 2 glasses.
  • Throughout the morning: 4 glasses.
  • Throughout the afternoon: 4 glasses.

We drink it always separate meals. Half an hour before eating or an hour and a half after the meal.

To consider

This cure will last between two and four weeks, according to the results as we receive while we perform.

During this time we are not obliged to diet, but we choose healthy foods and dispense or limit those most harmful such as the following:

  • Sugars and sweets.
  • refined flour.
  • fried foods and hydrogenated fats.
  • Pre-cooked food.
  • Very fatty sausages and cheeses.
  • stimulating foods: alcohol, roasted coffee, black tea or cola drinks.

Images courtesy of Neil Gorman, DorteF and Hebam3000.

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