What is the proper tooth brush and how to choose

Good oral hygiene is essential. Otherwise we could have serious health problems, lose some teeth or suffer certain conditions uncomfortable as halitosis or bad breath. It is because of that choose a suitable brush teeth is very important, especially now, when the options in this regard are very broad. So then we help you know the proper tooth brush and how to choose it.

The sized toothbrush

To find out which one is right brush is best to visit a dentist. He knows our needs and we will recommend the best option. However, we can also make a decision. In any case, Most importantly, choose a toothbrush that fits the size of our mouth. It is also important to know if we have any condition. If so we have to be more specific.

Moreover, there are now several options on the market. For example, brushes cleaners incorporating cheek and tongue or electric toothbrushes. If you want to buy an electric toothbrush, the recommendation is to compare brands and choose the one that best suits our needs. These types of brushes are helpful for people who, for some reason, have trouble brushing themselves.

How to choose a toothbrush

Brushing teethBrushing teeth

To choose the best toothbrush, plus it fits our mouth and needs, we can also consider some other features that are important. In this way we get better results when we clean our teeth, as well as to avoid to be changing all the time our brush. Thus then we suggest some things to consider about it.

  • Most experts suggest that the best is choose a toothbrush of medium texture. That is, a brush whose bristles are not hard nor too soft. This way we will protect our teeth, especially your enamel.
  • It is best to choose a toothbrush head of small or medium; avoids large. This is because, obviously a small brush head will have the ability to better clean every corner of our mouth and teeth, reaching areas that otherwise we could not.
  • As for the mango, the best is a toothbrush that is nonskid. This will ensure better control and security, because sometimes a brush or we slip out of hand injury can lead us in the mouth. Meanwhile, flexible brushes are also good, since this way achieve better cleanse every corner of our mouth.
  • The bristles of the brush you choose may have different characteristics. That is, they can be wavy, straight, slightly curved, etc. This we can say with help from our dentist. Also, there is no problem if we decided on a brush having cheek and tongue cleaner.
  • Finally, we must change or replace our toothbrush when the bristles have worn or damaged. If you are well, it would be best to do it every three months. This way you can prevent the accumulation of germs.
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