Drinking and smoking: the why of this “relationship”

These habits are deeply linked and do not usually know why.

Those who are trying to quit smoking made them very difficult to drink alcohol without remembering the urge for a cigarette.

Would you like to know the reasons why drinking and smoking seem an unbreakable partnership?

Here you have.

Dopamine, largely responsible

Drinking and smoking is common for many people, especially when they leave drinks or are bored at home.

As it is also often a last cigarette before going to bed or while drinking coffee, these associations are harmful, but not as harmful as the combo snuff + alcohol.

Now, why when smoked must feel like drinking and vice versa? The reason is very simple: the dopamine hormone. This neurotransmitter increases when we feel good and we are enjoying.

What would be wrong with that? Because both smoking and alcohol are alleged sources of pleasure because we bring more harm than benefits.

alcohol and snuffalcohol and snuffDopamine is housed in the limbic system of the brain. This area is linked to motivation, emotions and memory. This chemical is responsible for giving us the sense of reward, pleasure and enjoyment.

For this reason people smoke when they drink and just swallow the first sip of beer or wine, we feel urge to light a cigarette.

The mind relates "smoking pleasure" with "drinking pleasure" (or vice versa) and this is how it seems that a habit can not exist without the other.

This is also why those who want to quit smoking may drink more (or eat) and those trying to give up alcohol need more cigarettes.

The effects of drinking and smoking for the liver

Although all organs are affected when we drink or smoke, there's one in particular suffers more: the liver.

This is the body and those who make up the group of "vital" bigger. The liver is responsible for supplying nutrients and energy to the body, produce enzymes and proteins and to protect certain diseases.

wine and cigarettewine and cigaretteOf course these are not the only tasks as liver also removes harmful toxins that accumulate within us as alcohol and nicotine (to name the most important component of cigarette).

Since the liver is responsible for metabolism of harmful substances, It is very susceptible to alcohol intake.

Digesting 3 cans of beer or 2 glasses of wine he is a great effort. It not always has the ability to excrete toxins all. So the more we drink, the harder it is to remove the alcohol.

Moreover, the smoking we are also damaging our liver.

Why? Because this habit active waste from the body and cause oxidative stress, causing many diseases.

The cigarette injured liver cells, increases the production of inflammatory proteins (cytokines) and It contributes to the development of chronic alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

girl drinking and smoking (2)girl drinking and smoking (2)The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (JSAD for short) has conducted an investigation to find out what other result can bring this "combination" between drinking and smoking.

The results show that those who drink and smoke at the same time experiencing worse hangovers (Nausea, headache, trouble concentrating and weakness among its main symptoms).

Drinking and smoking: how to abandon habits?

When these actions are deeply rooted in our day to day it can seem impossible to abandon them. It is true that the commitment and effort to be remarkable but we can not give up.

Yes you can stop drinking and smoking. It is a hard road but with wonderful results when we achieve the objective.

Suppose, for example, we are trying to quit and we are invited to drinks after work.

How to react if our mind is accustomed to accompany those beers and talks with a cigarette? Well, not very well, really.

The association between smoking and drinking is very strong for it to be sitting at the bar will be torture for you. When you stop smoking, as well as feeling cravings for nicotine, It is likely to drink more alcohol to "compensate" for the lack.

Woman with cigar and glass of wineWoman with cigar and glass of wineControl over your actions will be increasingly weakened if you accept drink those beers with your buddies. And it's more likely to end up lighting a cigarette or a drag asking who you have next.

When you want to quit smoking drinking alcohol worsens the situation because it does not allow you to maintain abstinence. You end up giving in and heeding your need and addiction.

Therefore we recommend you follow these tips:

Avoid drinking alcohol the first month

The first three or four weeks after deciding to quit smoking are the worst. In this period of abstinence plays against us and there will be nothing and no one to prevent us anxiety.

Perhaps insomnia seizes you, you're in a bad mood, you bite your nails or sweat profusely.

If at this stage you accept a simple invitation to drink with friends (supposedly harmless and does not interfere in the process of quitting) is more likely than not resist the urge to light a cigarette.

Therefore, and even if you feel overwhelmed desolate and try not to consume alcoholic beverages.

hot drinkhot drink

Avoid situations of "drinking and smoking"

A celebration, a meeting after work, go to a nightclub, staying home to watch a movie, prepare a barbecue ... All these moments relate drinking with smoking. That's why you should avoid them!

The temptation is very strong in these cases and therefore must stay away from her. Your friends and family will understand that for a few weeks you will not be gathered to them or will be present on birthdays or holidays.

Drink non-alcoholic beer

Another option is to change your favorite drink (and stirs your desire to smoke). Once you've passed the first month without cigarettes, we need to continue the fight.

If the 31 day sales carousing with friends and drink alcohol, what do you think will happen? Of course, you will smoke (although not a whole cigarette, you have thrown away so much sacrifice).

beerbeerA good way to prevent brain again relate drinking or smoking can opt for non-alcoholic drinks (Better if they are soft drinks or juices) or change the drink.

So you will change the feeling of pleasure and enjoyment in your brain and this will not ask for a cigarette.


Siempre bebo fumando un cigarro


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