What is sunbathing?

There are many controversies related to sunbathe or not. It is that the problem is not only UV rays but also on the amount of time we expose ourselves to them. Therefore, it is advised to be facing the sun about 15 minutes per day, taking into account the permitted hours, especially in summer: before 11:30 am and after 17 pm. This article knows what it is for sunbathing.

10 Benefits of sunbathing every day

Strengthen teeth and bones

Every time you tan the skeletal system is strengthened. This is because the UV rays are used to produce vitamin D on skin. It is very important for mineralization of your bones because it promotes absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, preventing lost both kidneys. It is true that this vitamin should be taken with food mostly, the sun is an interesting plus.

Our body makes when one has a compound called 7-dehydrocholesterol, which comes from sunlight. With 10 minutes weekly exposure you can recharge your deposits vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis, decalcification or rickets.

Sun-bathing in Boston's summer, 2009.Sun-bathing in Boston's summer, 2009.

Improving skin appearance

If you have acne, sunbathe moderately can be helpful. Half an hour per day of UV rays in hours allowed significantly improve your complexion. You must expose yourself first thing in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the risk of burn. During the first week is likely to worsen the picture, but you should not scare you, because it means that the sun is making a cleansing reaction, the dermis removes fat and impurities, returning your skin oilier than before, this will be temporary. After skin balancing and healing will progressively. It is also good for psoriasis cases, reducing scaling.

Stimulate the immune system

In case you have not noticed, after the summer holidays have fewer illnesses than in winter, especially colds or flu. This is because the sun increases the amount of white blood cells and lymphocytes, responsible defend viruses, bacteria and infections.


Cholesterol balance

Apparently, being in the sun dissolves fats, also those in the arteries. People who live in climates where it is sunny most of the year are less likely to suffer heart-related diseases and circulatory system. Moreover, in summer cholesterol levels decrease, not only because we eat lighter, but because UV rays allow otherwise metabolize fats and prevent "sticking" on the walls of the arteries.

Lower blood pressure

Some athletes avoid, in the period of training or competition, sunbathing. Is causing vasodilation increases blood circulation in the skin, while reducing the blood pressure values. Increases clearance of tissues and has very good effects in people with hypertension. Apparently this was because vitamin D makes levels of parathyroid hormone are reduced, releasing more calcium to the body.

Protect against some cancers

Some of these appear only in countries with fewer hours of sunshine each day, such as in the Nordic region, where more developed breast cancer or colon cancer. Vitamin D would explain, because it has a protective effect against tumors. Sunlight helps cancer that does not appear in the ovaries, uterus, bladder, prostate and stomach.


Ward off depression

It has probably happened to you that on sunny days you feel much better mood than gray or rainy. It is also likely that after spending a day outdoors feel with a lot of energy. This is because sunlight can see the positive side of life, away stress, fatigue and depression. UV increase production of a hormone related welfare, serotonin. This neurotransmitter is also related to sexual behavior, sleep regulation and body temperature.

Improve sleep quality

After sunbathing you sleep "like an angel". It has nothing to do with that holidays are more relaxed and do not have to hear the alarm clock to get up early. The sun's rays have a positive effect on the hormone melatonin, which has many functions, including regulating sleep. The levels of this hormone are higher overnight, because when there is light descends and that is why we feel more active. This is another reason why people find it difficult to sleep during the day.

Promote sex life

Surely in summer (and not just on holidays) your intimate activity is more intense. The explanation lies in the hormone testosterone, which increases when it is in contact with the sun. It is responsible for having more sexual "appetite". For example, animal breeds, mating and reproduction are regulated by the hours of sunlight and heat. At the same time, it is known that sperm from males (including men) have higher sperm count during the summer and hot days.

Protect from multiple sclerosis

Although not yet proven, the sun is related to this degenerative disease of the nervous system. This is because vitamin D increases and helps prevent future we suffer. The incidence of MS is higher in countries with few hours of sunshine a day or a year.


Images courtesy of Justin Hall, Dr. Umesh Behari Mathur, BaruHBallest, Mohd Faisal Md Noor, Face PLS me.

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