Details edify our existence that they are part of those spontaneous acts that come from the heart. Preferring the details gifts is a reflection of who really appreciates what is sincere, far from artifice and material.

Something curious and we must keep in mind is that behind the act of giving a real psychology that can reveal many things hidden.

Some lacks empathic attitude and gives first thing is just to look good. Others, caring gift embellishing details Successful reaching thrill.

Now there who, far from giving objects, chooses giving details throughout the year without requiring a special occasion.

The latter is what most enriches us, which further strengthens the bonds of one another and what more we seek in our relationships, and even the bond we build with our children.

Emotional ties that build details

The small details that build stronger and meaningful relationships. Sometimes we make the mistake of expecting others to do great things for us, showing us their affection taking actions that go against their essences.

An example of this very thing we have in those parents who expect children to study or orient their lives in what they themselves are planned. There are also couples who also are waiting for the other person meets each of your expectations regardless needs. It's a mistake.

  • Emotional ties are built with respect for the other, there where all are free, where we admire and we know respecting own spaces.
  • The details daily share hide the complicity of the people who know, respect and honor that without doing great things, but through small acts where true love is inscribed.

couple-who-in receipt-de-los-detailscouple-who-in receipt-de-los-detailsIt reflected in the details we know that person and know what you need

  • Some think that has given us the best of details when, in fact, with its action what you get is actually impose their own desires, their own selfishness.

For example: You prepare your holiday weekend. You want to spend a few days just because you accumulate a lot of stress and anxiety. Just before leaving, your parents or a friend telling you to "accompany you to cheer" appear.

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  • and examples show us that the details should be reflective of knowledge and love, but also respect.

Dwells in the details reciprocity

In the details there is no selfishness nor blackmail nor puns. These are actions that are offered free because we want the other person and that, in turn, do not feel loved.

  • It is a link where balance and concern is for the welfare of the other.

We are aware that the best gift is called "time" and that, before using the credit card, the other person will always appreciate a smile, a look, share a ride, a quiet and intimate evening.

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The details do not need special days

We do not need a flower every day, not a romantic dinner every weekend. Gifts are good for sporadic occasions but details should be offered more often and, if possible, every day.

We're sure you'll agree with that, that details should be part of those daily rituals that make a happy couple and that both caring for the emotional well-being of our children.

So ... Why sometimes we forget or overlook?

  • We fall into the routine and begin to take things for granted.
  • We tell ourselves it is not worth it, that "we already know too much," the details are for the first time dating ...
  • Sometimes there who ceases to be thorough with the couple because the other person is not either.


It's not appropriate. Details are rituals of conviviality that nourish the heart and offer us security. Security and recognition that we are dear and important to the other person.

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Another aspect that we must consider is that if we notice that our relationship has fallen into a rut, we must fight to overcome it.

Take the initiative, make use of humor, breaks the routine, do something unexpected and gives "details", moments that stay forever in the emotional memory of the other person.

Sometimes, small acts generate large and wonderful changes. Worth putting into practice.