Great is he able to shine without turning off the light of others

Who able to shine no need to turn off others. Who finds the courage, optimism and motivation in their own self ceases to be dependent or want to control those around them.

It is possible that in your inner circle count on those special people able to give you hope in dark days. They are personalities who ask for nothing in return, who are humble and sincere.

Supports that inspire us to imitate them.

We live in a complex society where sometimes we feel that cut our wings, we turn off the voice and our rights are violated.

It is not easy to break through between competitiveness and all those social differences which sometimes costs us both find our way, our happiness.

Now, we must think that whatever our situation, always be worth turn that light within us which shelter optimism and courage. Thus, you alumbrarás your way and you can also help others.

We invite you think about it.

We need to shine off our own obscurities

They say that only children are able to shine. His innocence, his desire to find motivations, its ability to delude every day offers us these lessons, as they grow, sometimes many of us forget.

Factors such as responsibilities, or live in very demanding environments where we are asked more than what we can offer derive many times to accumulate disappointments, fears, anxieties and insecurities.

They are private corners in which gradually, it is installing the darkness.

We need to go "cleaning" these areas far from allowing us to grow personally, we will run aground in a permanent state of unhappiness.

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Detects your dark areas

A own enemies have to detect and address them. However, it is very common in our personality integrate almost without realizing it.

  • Limiting thoughts are these dark areas that tell us over and over that time we are not going to with this and that. We ourselves who we put walls on the horizon.

You need to identify these thoughts and deal with them.

  • No mental noise. When we talk about mental noise we refer to the fact think again and again on the mistakes of yesterday, to remember that fact that both bothers us. All this creates discomfort and frustration.
  • Fears are the most dangerous depths of our being. There instinctive fears that allow us to survive, not to cross the red lights even come close to the cliffs ...

Now, many of us store various unjustified fears that cut our wings and prevent us from reaching achievements, dreams.

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Do not project your darkness upon others

Personal frustration often causes many people to project upon us their anger, their anger, that we take responsibility for things that they themselves have not been able to achieve.

Living with bitterness is to close the windows to hope but also sometimes even captives are created. We can see, for example, those parents who vetoes the happiness of their children, who with their personal obscurities off the original light of children.

It not recommended. Each of us should be able to solve our own gaps, fears and frustrations to advance balance and be able to give the best of ourselves to others.

man playing a light able to shineman playing a light able to shine

Build your personal light and Design it to others

As that old proverb says, before waiting for a light to illuminate our path, always better turn it on ourselves.

  • Instead of being passive agents of our destiny waiting for things to happen by themselves, we must be able to invest in illusion, to create, to turn positive, realistic and powerful thoughts to change our emotions and thus find more promising paths.
  • Who is able to keep hope in your heart, humility in your mind and illusion in his eyes also bring light to others.
  • It is a process that can begin gradually being more present, leaving the past in the trunk of integrated learning where no grudges, to look at the "here and now" more optimistic, enjoying the little things without fear, without ties or grudges.

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Great people are not by size but by be able to care for themselves and bring comfort to others.

As we've mentioned at the beginning, I'm sure you know someone like that. Maybe it's your mother, your sister or that friend who is always by your side. Take care of them and imítalos.

Having light is not something spiritual. It is able to combine personal strength, courage and good self-esteem.

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