5 reasons why you smell like feet

Have you noticed that your feet smell particularly bad? This situation often causes much embarrassment and the first thing we think is that our hygiene is poor.

And yes, it can be that, but there are also other reasons why your feet smell.

Before you feel bad checks what other reasons might be and takes steps to solve the problem.

1. You're sweating excessively

transpiration feettranspiration feet

The first of the reasons why you can smell the feet is because they're sweating too. Unsub is normal but if you do not care to clean the area can be generated by bacteria that feed on dead skin and cause odor.

The best solution to this problem is to keep your feet clean and dry. Even the strictest hygiene people may face this situation.

Our recommendations are:

  • Get changed socks when you've sweated too. If you go to exercise or have spent the morning walking your feet are probably very sweaty. At the first opportunity, change your socks for a dry and clean.
  • Use talc or natural deodorant to retard the effects of sweat. If your day job forces you to walk many hours or can not change your socks and very hot, apply talc.

It absorbs perspiration for several hours. You can always carry a small bottle and apply some every 3 to 4 hours as needed.

  • Wear shoes with good ventilation. Increasingly shoe brands think about this problem, so you can find shoes that allow air flow.

We recommend using this kind of shoe whenever you can. It will not be difficult, because there are so many styles, although they can be relatively more expensive.

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2. You're very stressed

These very stressedThese very stressed

Certainly you not imagined that stress could be one of the reasons why your feet smell. Although it sounds strange, remember that when you're stressed or worried you sweat more.

So, your feet sweat accumulate and may notice a stronger or unpleasant odor.

If these days have been concerned about something, relax and maybe the problem is completed without further. A little extra talc for the moment will come not bad. 

3. Hormones are you playing tricks

Changes in hormone levels can alter your sweat production. Therefore, it is not uncommon for pregnant, menopausal women or adolescents experiencing this problem.

If you are in any of these three stages, evaluates your doctor if you are really hormones affecting this level. Usually passes in a few months the trouble.

Remember that hormonal problems involving several affectations, so take preventive measures in every way. Perhaps you smell your feet not your biggest problem.

4. You are a victim of athlete's foot

Did you just sign up to the gym? You went to the beach? Did you pay your shoes anyone? Why some reason your feet were in contact with a floor of dubious cleanliness? All these situations can be the reason for you to smell your feet.

Unfortunately, athlete's foot odor not only generates. You will also feel itching, burning and peeling.

In addition, it is difficult to combat, so we recommend:

  • Apply an antifungal cream. In the supermarket you will find many options but if you do not feel safe, you can ask your doctor.

The usual recommendation is to use this cream every day morning and evening after washing the feet for two weeks, but you can use it until the tube is completed to prevent any area has not completely healed.

  • Avoid being barefoot in public places. In the gym, pool and other common area always wears sandals or tennis shoes. To swim in the gym you should go with sandals because the fungus proliferates athlete's foot in the showers.
  • Avoid sharing your shoes. Think your shoes are very personal use items and, unless completely trust the other person or going to wear socks, no reason to share.

5. Usas footwear shoddy

You wear shoes sleazyYou wear shoes sleazy

Another reason why your feet smell can be poor quality shoes. Do you notice the odor that appears when you use a particular pair of shoes? All your shoes are textile or plastic?

The truth is that the economy and fashion choice can make us ill. Buyer of shoes thinking only of the price you might find that all are elements that prevent proper oxygenation and favor the proliferation of bacteria.

If your financial situation does not allow you to spend too much, at least look for a brand that works with natural skin. Domestic brands find cheap insurance with these characteristics.

As for fashion, it evaluates whether to buy several pairs of shoes worth modern even if you cause bad odor. If you really are a lover of fashion, choose brands that use high-quality materials.

Will cost you more, but your feet will thank you.

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Identify why you smell like feet and acts

Now that you have already given the reasons why your feet smell is time to get down to work. Think and identifies your particular reason and take the decisions necessary to combat the problem. Your feet and those who are around you will thank you.

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