The impressive benefits of houseplants

Who does not like plants at home? Surely you ever heard about the benefits of having plants in the home, and if you do not, possibly using excuses like not having enough time or space to water them. Then, we present the major health advantages of having plants; so you put those excuses aside, if you do not have any, or you care more of these green partners, if you already have plants in your home.

Plants purify the air

As we know, through the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and convert it into oxygen, which complements the respiratory process of human, who use oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. So, our green friends improve air quality we have inside our home.

Plants help reduce stress

In our process of evolution as human beings, we evolved in a natural environment surrounded by abundant plants. Modern life often limits us and isolates us from the vegetation, which can alter our natural balance. The presence of plants near us gives us a relaxing atmosphere, especially if we see develop, grow and flourish.

Plants help you breathe better

As part of its nature, the plants provide moisture to the air, which is highly beneficial to reduce levels of dryness and dust particles in our homes. This way, you can avoid respiratory problems such as coughing.

Availability of spices for food and natural remedies

Although we have a very small space, you can always find a corner near the window or somewhere with enough lighting to plant and grow plants that we can use to flavor our meals, like basil, as well as plants that can be used to make natural remedies, like rosemary and aloe or aloe.


Plants reduce static electricity

Because of its ability to generate moisture in the atmosphere, plants can help reduce static electricity in our home, which is increased in dry environments. By decreasing the static, those annoying effects occurring in an environment where electricity does not flow properly are avoided.

Plants can help fight depression

As well as having pets helps those facing a depressive disorder, being in the care of plants provides a purpose, which is useful for those who face bouts of depression. Watering plants, pay them and watch them sprout or bloom is a very therapeutic process.

Knowing all these huge benefits of having plants near us, what do you expect to incorporate plants in your home ?; and if you already have them, we hope you continue taking good care of them.

Images courtesy of Miss Monk and gailf548.

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