abdominal pain left side: what’s the problem?

He pain, whatever its form and location, it is always a symptom of a certain reality of greater or lesser importance. We should not obsess and give us a self-diagnosis. But we must not overlook. For any problems or concerns, always will tell our doctor.

But what do you owe a abdominal pain on the left side? Today we'll talk about it, given how common it is, to doubt and to influence Work out once again that you should not neglect your health and your physician who will always give you the diagnosis.

I have abdominal pain on the left side What's the problem?


We wanted to offer you this article for a reason. Abdominal pain on the left side could not be ignored or overlooked. We'll worry about him provided that the following factors come together:

  • constant pain. It is not restricted to suffer an isolated day to suffer discomfort for a few hours and then disappear or reappear next month. The reality of abdominal pain on the left side is considered important when you galleys regularly or when you experience it right after meals.
  • But how is this pain? It's like a hot plate, very sharp pain dry. There is a slight discomfort that comes and goes, which could be attributed to simple gases. The trouble is obvious and it is impossible not stop thinking about it.
  • Should take a analgesic to relieve the abdominal pain, discomfort may disappear, but becomes clear within a few hours or the next day.
  • Abdominal pain on the left side It is the most common, the more doctors hear in their queries. Most often due to stress processes to simple gases as mentioned earlier. However, since it is in this area where organs such as the pancreas, stomach, left kidney, or liver left ... are located we can not ignore it.

Let's see the possible causes.

1. Pancreatitis

It is the most common cause, and hence its importance. Pancreatitis usually manifests itself in such an intense way that is necessary immediate hospitalization.

We usually have an intense abdominal pain on the left side, accompanied by fever, vomiting, palpitations ... It is worthwhile to pay attention to those little symptoms that may give clues to your day.

Note how are your digestions, if after eating you feel very full, forward, heaviness and pain in the left side. As I have pointed out before, is the most common cause this kind of pain, but yes, as long as the pain is very marked and come accompanied by other symptoms.


2. Intestinal obstruction

Very careful with intestinal obstructions. Usually the example of those medical emergencies where it presents a dangerous colonic obstruction or small intestine.

But why does it happen? Basically by a lock which can no longer move liquids or food eaten. And the symptoms are very obvious. Addition of abdominal pain in the left side, fever and inability to pass gas or evacuating it suffers.

3. Diverticulosis

We've talked about diverticulosis often in our space. What is it about? Small inflammations in the digestive tract, small bags filled with pus causing a lot of pain.

Suffer episodes of diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, heavy swelling and may even rectal bleeding. It is important to keep in mind.


4. Kidney stones

Sometimes, kidney stones are studying asymptomatic way, especially during their training. But there comes a time when the calculation itself and acquires a relevant size, enough to cause pain.

This discomfort can be located as a left abdominal pain, but eye, often also it reflected in the same side in the back. A kidney same height.

5. Ovarian cysts

Women usually suffer them sometimes. And it can be suffered in the left ovary. But how does it manifest itself? We eat little but we feel full. Felt a sharp pain in the left side is usually accompanied by irregular menstrual cycles, pelvic pain, nausea or vomiting, and abdominal discomfort many.

Ovarian cystsOvarian cysts

6. Other less important sources: food poisoning, gas, episodes of stress ...

  • These are usually the most common causes and least important feature. But they are not as "severe" as pancreatitis, for example, does not mean they are not relevant. Absolutely.
  • Sometimes there We feel bad foods and our body reacts. He defends himself. The discomfort may appear as a very strong abdominal pain on the left side which is accompanied by vomiting.
  • The gases They are also very common and although it may seem curious, they often accumulate on one side of the abdomen.
  • What about stress? Why stress can also be located in this part of the body? We must remember that stress just somatizándose in our body generates indigestion, nerves that accumulate in the stomach ... We must not overlook this possibility either.

In conclusion, remind you once again that any symptoms, any concerns, you just have to go to your doctor to give you a diagnosis of your own situation. Never treat yourself and always follow the advice of the healthcare professionals.

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