Tips for sunbathing in the healthiest way

On sunny days, even if they are not too hot, we want to lie out in the sun to enjoy the feeling of well being that brings us and tans, but some issues we must consider that you provide us with health benefits rather than risks .

In this article we give the necessary sun in the best way, beneficing of the excellent properties of the sun and getting a nice tan and durable tips.

My skin type

Almost nothing we can give advice that will be valid in the same way for everyone, and in this case we still say more, since it is not the same as having a white skin and delicate brown or black. The more pigmented skin have more natural protection has, but that does not mean we should neglect it.

Almost everyone knows how sensitive our skin to the sun, so the following tips in mind as we have them nuetro degree of sensitivity, being more strict in cases of clear and more flexible in cases of skin dark skin.

As we go bronzing we will also be able to vary care.

We must also know that if we have skin problems like psoriasis, acne or dermatitis, sunbathe properly can help us fight these diseases.

cutis WildBeautycutis WildBeauty

The ideal schedule

The ideal time for sunbathing has been becoming tighter over the years, as the effects of solar radiation also have been getting worse. Broadly should avoid were 11 to 17 hours, but this will fulfill especially in summer. In winter we can reduce this range to 12 hours to 16 hours. If we can not avoid sunbathing during this time we'll do it for a few minutes and sunscreen, renewing often.

The healthiest thing is sunbathing in the early hours of the day, since it is the moment that gives us more energy, even influencing our mood.

Late in the day, at sunset, it is also very beneficial, because the light emitted by the sun has relaxing effects.

How long

The exposure time to the sun should gradually increasing it. If every day we take some sun our skin will get used gradually getting to have their own defenses. The most common mistake is not to sunbathe during the winter (a time when it is also very necessary), and expose misused in summer.


Not the same sun as we swim in a mountain lake that if we are lying motionless on a terrace. Actually, if we look we can notice how our skin reacts if you are burning or are just warm.

It is much healthier sunbathing while we are moving or even bathing, since the heat contrast with the cold water calms the effects of the sun and even therapeutic. For this reason we recommend not stand still sunbathing for more than 15 minutes.

Respository woman running sport beachRespository woman running sport beach

Adequate protection

The sunscreen should be right for your skin type, but also recommend that it be as natural as possible, as some protective ingredients that are toxic to our health when they enter the bloodstream through the skin pores.

We often renew protection, and we should not forget to use proper sunglasses and a hat to avoid the continuing impact of the sun on his head. It is also essential to drink water every little while.

The essential food

Foods that help us to have a healthy and beautiful tan are those containing beta-carotene, which found in fruits and vegetables yellow, orange and red, such as:

  • Carrot
  • pumpkin
  • Sweet potato
  • Peach
  • Apricot
  • Cherry
  • Tomato

A good way to have a nutritious daily sunscreen is taking some of these recipes:

  • Liquefied apple, carrot and celery
  • Cream of pumpkin and sweet potato with cinnamon
  • homemade peach or apricot compote with ginger
  • Gazpacho or tomato juice and cucumber with linseed oil

Will carrot apple juice MerydithWill carrot apple juice Merydith
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