Exercises to improve lung health

With the right exercises You can improve the health of your lungs, by strengthening the muscles that control breathing; in addition to maintaining a healthy weight and reduce pressure on the lungs, heart and other organs.

It is important to learn to breathe correctly as it is beneficial for overall health and some exercises, such as those shown below, can improve lung health.

Exercises that improve lung health

Before performing any type of exercise, walking slowly, move your arms and legs, and performs stretching to not suffer any muscle pull.


Mouth breathing causes the carbon dioxide is expelled too fast and goblet cells in the lungs and cause mucus or trachea. This ejercico will help you clean and warm the air before it reaches the pumones.

Sitting up straight and legs crossed inspired by a nostril, while keeping the other closed with a finger; breathe out slowly and repeat 20 times conn each nostril.


This exercise helps open your lungs and make breathing easier. Position yourself standing with arms at sides and inhales through the nose in three short breaths, as if smelling. When you inhale raise your arms above your head and exhale through the mouth while lower arms sideways. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times.

TO IMPROVE HEALTH ejercico respiratory muscle chest and abdomen

With this exercise will get a more efficient respiratory breathing chest muscles, ribs, back and abdomen.

Lie on your back with your hands on the lower abdomen and inhale deeply through your nose so you feel like your belly rises. Inhale and hold breath for a few seconds, and then out through the mouth. Repeat 20 to 25 times.

Exercises that increase lung capacity

Breathing exercises also improve lung function and increase their capacity, protecting against the onset of the disease; plus a larger lung capacity improves not only strength but health in general.

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