Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand and manage our own emotions and feelings and recognize them in ourselves and in others, in addition to knowing how to manage our relationships. This term has been popularized by Daniel Goleman, American psychologist who in 1995 published a book with the same name, "Emotional Intelligence".

The interesting thing about this ability is their relationship to emotional well-being, self-esteem and positive mood. People with a high level of this skill, look at life with more optimism and happiness, believe in themselves, and want to focus on solutions in solving problems.

People who fail to control their emotional world, ie those with underdeveloped emotional intelligence capacity, they increase their chances of risk. Identity may be the risk of depression, violence, eating disorders or drugs.

-And what are the key to develop our emotional intelligence?

1) Know what emotions we experience and why.

When we get angry, we discussed or when we receive praise or affection, we can take a few seconds to analyze our feelings, where they come from, and what, since recognizing them in some situations we manage and minimize the impact, especially in those they are negative.

2) To perceive the relationship between feelings, thoughts and actions.

It is very important to detect relationships between them. Often a negative thought, leads to negative emotions and this in turn acts, because of the way we interpret them, turning this process into a vicious circle.

Albert Einstein already said "We can not solve our problems with the same thinking patterns with which we created them"

Is convenient, ensure our thoughts, and not try to infer or guess thoughts or emotions from the rest, since a bad procedure, can have devastating consequences both for ourselves and for the rest.

3) Create mental habits that favor our talents.

By this we mean that thanks to our great ability to learn, we can learn or develop skills that give us greater personal and social welfare.

In short, if you know a little never hurts.

What is emotional intelligence?What is emotional intelligence?