How to remove underarm odor?

Underarm odor is a problem that many women suffer and who can master the social lives of these people. However, to find the ideal solution, we must know what causes this smell and then treat it.

Underarm odor may arise or not excessive sweating. In the case of being faced with a case of excessive sweating, underarm odor can be removed using a good deodorant for men.

Although we may think that this will not help us and oleremos as a man, many women have tried with deodorants for men odorless and has really worked. Excess sweating, dermatologist we can also offer some medications, either in cream form other presentation, which will help us to eliminate this sweating more than we causes this odor u.

A separate problem is when we have little odor and no sweating or an excess of this. In this case, we can be in front of a rare disease that few people suffer or may simply be a bacterium that causes this smell. In either case, you should go to a dermatologist, who will make us necessary to know exactly the causes tests; however, there are a number of products that can help us for the moment that this smell disappears.

On the one hand, we can try a gel that is in pharmacies called Dalacin Topico. This gel should be applied once we have showered and shaved. It is not too expensive and many women found the solution using this or similar gel. On the other hand, the gel Nivea is also perfect to end this kind of smell.

Another product that can be used to eliminate this odor is the NEOBITOL. It is an aerosol to be used like an ordinary deodorant. With it, we see that the underarm odor disappears for a while, but we must not let our body get used to it, it will lose its effectiveness.

A natural remedy that can also apply a Exfoliation with brown sugar after bath. This will help to remove dead skin cells and thereby avoid the smell for a few days.

In any case, there are many remedies to solve this problem but we can not stop going to the dermatologist or to the pharmacy to give us one of these specialized products for this purpose.

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