7 effective ways to relax your mind

Throughout the day we spend many moments of tension, anxiety, moments when we would like to run and run far away from those situations marked by stress. What is the most appropriate way to manage these feelings as negative and dangerous to our health?

Today we explain 10 simple ways relax the mind when you need it. Practical strategies that will be of great help and we invite you to discover.

1. My private palace, my refuge

to meditateto meditate

Consider a simple example to understand this first strategy. Imagine you're at work, you have a multitude of tasks to be done and turn around you there is a lot of tension, noise, mates you speak, that overwhelm you ... Imagine also you just had, for example, a fight with your partner and, in turn, your children are waiting for you to take them to school. In what way can relax your mind if only for a moment?

Displays an empty room. A private palace of calm and peace where you can close the door and be alone. Behind that door is sound and concerns, but you are safe in this intimate and quiet space. You can sit and think things through carefully and calmly. No pressure.

2. The white wall

White wallWhite wall

This exercise is as simple as cash. We've all experienced those moments when suddenly come upon us endless worries, anxieties, fears ... Somehow negative thoughts assail us as we felt almost like "frozen".

When this happens to you, cut away those thoughts and put before them a white wall. There is nothing more reassuring than a white that surrounds you and calms. Try it. Put an end to these obsessive thoughts and relativize things with this protective image against the "stream" of negativity.

3. My breath


Stress and anxiety accelerate our breath, take away the air and make the heart work more than necessary. Slowly and without realizing it, you will reach muscle tension and headaches.

When this happens, try to regulate your breathing slowly. Starts by putting your hand on your abdomen and take a deep breath noting how it contracts and expands your chest. Catch a few seconds and see that air exhaling slowly now, while notes like, with the air, is also part of your weight goes inside. It is very relaxing and help you relax your mind.

4. Write

write better healthwrite better health

A simple and very therapeutic technique to relax the mind is to always carry a notebook in your bag. A nice notebook to write all those worries that occasionally assail us as menacing crows.

Liberate your fears, tensions in words and then if you wish, you can burn if you want these sheets so that's most relaxing. You can also leave them and keep a personal diary, there where reflejes not only your concerns, but your thoughts and dreams. Day by day, this journal can become your best friend, your personal escape route.

5. A little sun, a few steps on the grass


When you feel saturated, when anxiety and concerns involving you to the point of feeling very stressed, do not hesitate. Take a walk through a park, by a forest, mountain ...

Let the sun caress you, he feels calm and breath of nature caressing your skin. It's like going back to the origins, and we assure you that few things can be more effective therapeutic and relax your mind in our daily lives.

6. Someone who will listen

couple love Boris SVcouple love Boris SV

We are confident that in your social circle, you know that person who sincerely listen with empathy and affection. Someone to relax your mind for a while talking of everything that makes you unhappy, you're worried or stressed you.

Sometimes we do not seek advice or tell us what we should do. Most of the time we just need to be heard and addressed. After take off "the weight", we ourselves decide what strategies we agree more.

7. Find your personal space


We all have that intimate and personal space to relax and be ourselves. Some people find it listening to music and closing my eyes. Others, drawing, dancing or weaving, no matter. The essential thing is to have a hobby with which our tensions relax and be ourselves, thus diminishing many of these concerns.

In conclusion, it is important to know find out for yourself what is the best way that you go to relax your mind. Each person is unique and special, and not all serve us the same advice. So, go slowly testing each of them to find out what best fits your personality.

Always remember to prioritize your life, do not capsize entirely on others to the point descuidarte yourself. Value yourself as you deserve, defend your personal space, your privacy, your freedoms. Do not forget!

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