You are contaminated water from our home?

No Have you ever wondered, where there is a severe shortage of water on the planet, where water daily consume millions of people in big cities in each country come from?

Few are those who have the grace to obtain a crystalline river, a virgin birth or a waterfall on the mountain. Unfortunately, in most large cities, has to resort to wastewater treatment, either from rivers, lakes or aquifers contaminated by industry and population, either own waste inhabitants that become potabilizados.

Lead pollution

But let's not talk today about the water coming into our home after passing through the body of our neighbors, but an even bigger problem. Lead contaminated water comes directly from the tap of our home, and can damage our health (especially the smallest), much more although all infectious germs traveling in it, unfortunately, even after treatment.

When even the serious consequences that water consumption had contact with lead before travel by our bodies were not known, it was common practice to use this material for public or private pipes and plumbing. Currently many old facilities contain this harmful element in both sections of the public network that has not been replenished, as in the private network of our homes built a few years ago.

Most countries no longer allow the use of lead, or new public plumbing facilities, or facilities by private companies. But we are still using lead solder for copper pipes used today, both for joining other bifurcations as solders or patches.. Hence it would be interesting to know how much lead is in the water coming out of our faucets or taps before drinking it or using it for cooking.

We must consider that these will lead solder covering mineral in time. For this reason the possibility of lead contamination in water in a house with less than five years is greater than when you already have this protective film. Hence it is important to test lead levels in water in all types of homes.

Why is it harmful?

In the past, lead was used in numerous consumer products, to discover that it is a toxic metal that has serious impacts on health when inhaled or swallowed. Currently agents lead contamination are air, soil and dust, packaged food and water by corrosion of pipes made with this metal. It is also highly polluting fuels inhaling high levels of lead.

The effects can range from small biochemical changes in the body to severe neurological problems. A high level of lead in water has consequences for our health affecting vital areas such as brain, kidney, nervous system and red blood cells. Damage lead exposure is much higher still if we talk about children or unborn fetuses through their pregnant mothers.

Contaminant is considered a pipe or fitting with more than 8% of lead in its composition. For welding, it is considered that from 0.2% in the melt and contaminates. As well be very careful with taps or faucets and other accessories copper may have high levels of lead.

How to analyze the water?

household waterhousehold water

Lead in water or smell, or see, or have any taste, hence the only way to know the pollution index is a chemical analysis of water. If your home has lead pipes, the dull gray material easy to scratch or bend, or if you see signs of corrosion often leaving the reddish water, it is much more likely the presence of this heavy metal.

It is possible that the authorities or public health services help you analyze a sample after application. In addition it would be advisable to analyze a competent private laboratory to test results, the official service environment can guide us on a qualified laboratory for this purpose.

It is convenient first make two types of sampling, one freshly opened taps and one after 20 or 30 seconds to let it run, to know in each case the impact of metal. This practice of leaving out 30 seconds should be normal if we suspect that there is a high rate of lead in plumbing.

It is important not directly consume water mains if several hours have been closed, letting it run first, and never drink water or cooking hot tap water because it produces more corrosion in pipes.

To consider that the water is not contaminated with lead level must not exceed 15 ppb per liter (0.015 milligrams per liter mg / l-). If so, for our good and especially the smaller ones, you have to take action.

What steps to take

If tests confirm us that there is a high level of lead in drinking water, first step we should take appropriate debugger is to achieve a retaining filter such metals. There are several companies and brands in the market that are recognized for their effectiveness, you can find guidance in choosing the filter on the website of the US National Health Foundation.

In addition we should check where the cause is, If pipes are housing or group homes, or piping of public water network which have excessive lead in their composition, and proceed to change for other non-toxic materials. Sometimes they can be pipes of underground mains polluters water conduits.

It would be desirable to repair or install plumbing in our house deliver written instructions to the plumber to use lead-free materials and save a copy signed by the same copy as a contract.

further in new homes rented or purchased with filters should remove them and clean them, letting the water run over 15 minutes to remove welding slag that might remain in the pipes. Do this regularly.

Many countries use only PVC pipes, which also has some toxicity index but does not compare to the problems caused by lead in the human body. Hence we value switch to PVC as the least bad option compared to other possibilities.
Another mechanism that can be implemented to make the toughest water is lead through a rustproofing. Whether the water comes from a treatment plant as a private well, it is calcite filters placed between the source of water and lead pipes, so that water does not cause oxidation and thus is not contaminated with lead.

This measure is advisable also to classes solicitársela responsible for the distribution of water from treatment plants. Boston citizens and have achieved a water system corrosion for just a dollar a month. Union make force

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