8 natural therapies to treat kidney inflammation (nephritis)

Kidney inflammation or nephritis is a very common ailment. Usually due mostly to the presence of certain toxins that result in an infection, a high level of uric acid or an associated disease.

Usually well they resolved with antibiotics, there where medical supervision and proper treatment always seem to be effective in treating these problems.

But when curing nephritis is also well suited to take care of our lifestyle and our diet. We are confident that these simple remedies that will now present will be of great help.

1. Infusion nettles

Nettles whose main virtue serve as purification of toxins and renal protection. We can take two daily infusions to cleanse the blood and reduce the accumulation of toxins in the kidneys.


  • 1 teaspoon nettles (5 g)
  • 500 ml water


  • It's very simple. Nothing can get up to boil this pint of water and then add 5 grams of nettles and allow infusione.
  • Drink it at room temperature, a first cup in the morning and mid afternoon.

It will help you to heal kidney inflammation.

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2. Natural carrot juice

Something as simple as drinking a glass of carrot juice a day can help you fight inflammation kidney along with the treatment prescribed will.

Natural carrot will bring you a rich vitamins to strengthen and purify the kidney. Take note of how you prepare this tasty juice.


  • 1 carrot
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • 1 cup water (200 ml)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g) (optional)


  • We started cleaning the carrots well.
  • Get the juice of half a lemon and reserve.
  • Then all you have to liquefy the carrot. If you see that it is very small do not hesitate to add one more.
  • The last step is simple: Combine water, lemon juice and carrot to get a good homogeneous liquid that can sweeten with honey.

Drink every morning on an empty stomach until resolved infection.

3. Cranberry juice

In our space we've already spoken on numerous occasions of its great benefits. Cranberry juice is a depurativo clean natural bacteria and treated urinary tract infections.

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You can prepare a juice every day (If possible, natural). Packaged juices sold in supermarkets often contain too many sugars and additives that make us lose some of their benefits.

4. Infusion of ginger


Ginger contains elements that They act the same way as anti-inflammatories. It is therefore a natural remedy that will be very useful to treat inflammation of the kidney by its ability to inhibit prostaglandins, which induce the inflammatory processes.

Enough that you do every evening a simple infusion half teaspoon of ginger with a glass of water. You get relief.

5. Quercetin

If you've never heard of quercetin, you say that is a flavonoid and a compound natural anti-inflammatory that we can be found in fruits and vegetables. It is very useful to reduce the presence of bacteria and promote cleansing of toxins.

So the next time you suffer kidney inflammation or nephritis, please eat the following foods:

  • Onions
  • garlics
  • apples
  • pears
  • cherries
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Spinach
  • mangos

6. Red grapes

Grapes in general and more red grapes, They are very rich in antioxidants and vitamin A and C. These elements are very beneficial for treating inflammatory processes and urinary tract infection, and kidney.

Do not hesitate to consume the grape skin, since it is where much of your profits are.

7. Infusion parsley

It may not taste very nice, but the infusion of parsley is a tonic remedy It helps to activate the function of the kidneys and to fight inflammation and infections.

We invite you to take note so that you prepare when you need it.

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  • 1 teaspoon parsley (5 g)
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (25 g)


  • Warms the liter of water and, when you see that it has come to a boil, and add 5 grams of parsley.
  • Allows infusion over 20 or 25 minutes is made.
  • After this time, add 25 grams of honey to taste a little nicer.

Put this natural remedy in a glass bottle and stored in a cool place away from sunlight. Drink throughout the day.

Ideally you follow this treatment for three days.

8. A little exercise outdoors

walking barefootwalking barefoot

Suffering a kidney infection makes us feel more tired and exhausted. However, and as far as we can, would strongly recommend that saliésemos a little every day outdoors. Stroll through a park, in the countryside or the beach.

Fresh and natural air is very suitable to treat infections and to accelerate convalescence. Try not to get tired and enjoy those little moments of tranquility.

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