Lemon water fasting: this is what we notice people who take

There are many people who have spent years following a very healthy morning ritual: drink a glass of water with lemon fasting. Something as simple and inexpensive It brings incredible benefits for our body. Do you know him already?

It is curious how this daily habit has been practiced for a long time and stands, as well as one of the best known natural remedies that exist. So, if it goes well, why not try it?

Today in our space we invite you to take note of everything experienced by people who drink water with lemon fasting.

Fasting lemon water to hydrate our body

One of the first symptoms that feel when our body is not properly hydrated is headache. Have you ever raised with a nagging headache? So is. Hence, we should take into account all the symptoms associated with dehydration:

  • Very yellow urine
  • Dry Skin
  • Tachycardia
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Eye bags

Start the day with a glass of water with lemon is a great way maintaining that inner balance we need to face the day.

In addition, if drinking water is boring for you, feel free to add your bottles a little lemon juice to enjoy it more. Worth the effort!

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People who drink water with lemon fight constipation

Should galleys repeated problems with your intestinal transit, we recommend the following:

  • Bebe, almost hot, combined with the juice of half a lemon warm water. Citrus and hot water allow us to fight withholdings and soften the stool.

Able to reduce urinary tract infections

Lemon benefitsLemon benefits

If you're having a urinary tract infection, you should know that one of the best known natural remedies is to take this very effective combination.

Lemon helps us to balance the pH of the blood to achieve a more alkaline environment in the urinary tract and therefore, as we fight these harmful bacteria that make us sick.

Say goodbye to bad breath

Almost all of us got up in the morning with bad taste and dryness. Drinking lemon water can fight bacteria present in the language and also give us a pleasant freshness that instantly removes bad breath.

However, remember that lemon can erode tooth enamel, so you never take your juice alone: ​​combine it with water.

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Lemon water diet

Lemon is a fruit that We will help eliminate toxins and prevent lipid accumulation in our body. This does not mean that only drinking water with lemon going to lose weight, but it is a very good complement to our diet.

Seeks to follow a low-fat diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fiber. If you get used to drink every morning this simple natural remedy, it will be easier to lose those unwanted kilos go.

Take care of your skin

Lemon is rich in antioxidants. Moreover, thanks to its vitamin C favor the formation of collagen. Our skin will look more elastic thanks to its moisturizing and this tone that give it its essential biomolecules.

Water with lemon to strengthen your immune system

Again, we extol the undoubted power of vitamin C. If you want to fight colds and infections heal more quickly, do not forget to consume lemon water every day.

Now if you are currently going through any of these problems, do not forget to add lemon water a tablespoon of honey. Thus increase its healing properties.

Di goodbye to uric acid and joint pain

-Natural-remedies for-acid-uric-o-drop-Natural-remedies for-acid-uric-o-drop

Lemon water helps us reducing the uric acid crystals associated inflaming joints.

We must also bear in mind that this citrus is fabulous to enhance blood circulation. Hence, by virtue to eliminate toxins and purines associated with uric acid daily you see how you feeling much better.

Lemon optimize brain health

This insurance data that interests you: lemon contains a powerful phytonutrient called angeretina that It helps us fight diseases like Parkinson.

This nutrient is in its shell, so you will always be very useful to carry out the frozen technique to reap the full benefits of this citrus lemon.

We can not forget that lemon contains potassium, which helps us improve brain function and nerve health.

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Water with lemon to cleanse the liver

For the balance of the liver and gallbladderFor the balance of the liver and gallbladder

In his book Biologic Ionization As Applied to Human Nutrition ( "Biological Ionization applied to human nutrition"), A. F. Beddoe, based on the theory of biological ionization of Dr. Reams, tells us that consume water with lemon on a regular basis helps the liver to synthesize many more enzymes to take care of your health.

In turn, it helps us to strengthen and enable a more thorough cleansing of the body.

As you see, each day consuming a glass of water with lemon fasting can do much for our health. You feel like you also to implement it?

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