5 Benefits of sunbathing

The sun helps us to live better. As we know, lbirth of the sun is essential for all living beings on the planet, but often we are not really aware of it. Most of the time, people just take the sun for aesthetic reasons because they like their tans. However, the sun has other benefits. Here are 5 benefits of sunbathing. First of all, remember to be careful, because prolonged exposure can cause serious injury or diseases such as skin cancer.

1. strengthens bones and teeth

The sun's rays cause the body to produce vitamin D, which is good to strengthen our bones and teeth. This is because the vitamin promotes intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, preventing loss in the kidney. Although most of the vitamins obtain through food, D has the characteristic occur when the skin has a precursor that gives precisely the sun. With only 5 or 10 minutes of sun exposure two to three times a week, one extra vitamin D deposits of our body.

2. Improves skin appearance

Rough skinRough skin

The sun also helps us to have a much more beautiful skin, especially if you suffer from acne problems. You only have to take daily sunbathing no more than 30 minutes during the early morning or late afternoon. Sunbathing also helps combat other diseases such as psoriasis and even jaundice. It is important, however, to note that it is not good long exposure to the sun, as this may cause injury (burns) or other serious problems. It is very important not to expose more than 30 minutes.

3. It strengthens our immune system

Another advantage is that sunbathing increases or strengthens our immune system protecting us from various diseases. Roughly, the sun increases the number of white blood cells, also known as lymphocytes, which are the cells that primarily protect against infection.

4. Balances cholesterol


When sunbathed, body fat dissolves. It is because of that people living in areas where there is plenty of sunshine suffer less cardiovascular disease. In this case, UV rays are needed to better metabolize cholesterol in our body, so sunbathing helps lower levels and to prevent this sticking in the arteries.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

One more benefit is that the sun lowers blood pressure. This is because the sun is a very effective vasodilator that increases blood circulation. It also increases metabolism and clearance of tissues. In fact, many athletes tend to sunbathe before their competitions, because this helps them get a better blood pressure. Apparently, in this case vitamin D also plays an important role as it releases calcium.

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