cosmetic and therapeutic benefits of flax

Linseed or flaxseed are a treasure for our health and beauty, but we must learn what their benefits and how the need to take to make the most. We can help moisturize our skin, fight lung disease or improve instestinales problems, among other benefits.

This article explains the health properties and its therapeutic and cosmetic uses of seeds and flax oil.

Source of Omega 3

The main property of linen is that the oil containing seed is one of the largest vegetable sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids essential Omega 3, making it an ideal supplement, especially if we do not consume fish or do sparingly. Omega 3 are essential because our bodies can not manufacture them itself, so we must include in the diet, since their functions are very important:

  • It has an important protective role against the development of cardiovascular disease
  • It is essential during pregnancy, fetal development, and during lactation
  • It helps eliminate fat
  • It is a regulator of the nervous system
  • Nourishes our skin, hair and nails
  • Prevents dehydration of the body (mucous membranes, eyes, etc.)

In addition, flax also contains vitamin E, mucilages, protein, fiber and iodine, among other components.

digestive and intestinal regulator

Flax seeds are an excellent remedy, traditionally used for constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, gastric ulcers or stomach inflammations in general, thanks to its mucilage content, which fight heartburn and naturally desinflaman entire digestive tract.

digiyesica linendigiyesica linen

How do we consume?

We can take flax seed or oil. With oil components assimilate much better, but we always monitor and keep in the refrigerator in a dark bottle tightly closed, since it can be rancid easily. Also, always buy the oil is cold-pressed, if possible organic.

On the other hand we can consume the seeds, which we grind so that they can digest and assimilate.

If we want to take for constipation and gastric conditions we soak the seeds overnight, and take them along with water in the morning on an empty stomach.

A nutritious oil

As we said, the content of Omega 3 cares and moisturizes our skin, hair and nails, and so in addition to consuming we can apply topically. It does not have too greasy texture, so we can apply it to all skin types. I particularly recommend for the skin, to the hair ends tend to break down and to open up, to strengthen nails and eyelashes. On this last case we can use a mascara brush to apply it daily before bed.

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Massage Oil

Linseed oil, its properties and its texture, It is ideal for use in massage. In addition, we can boost their profits by mixing with a few drops of essential oils. For example:

  • Lavender: Relaxing and cleaner
  • Orange: antidepressant
  • Lemon: purifying
  • Mint: refreshing

The proportion is 10 drops of essential oil per 50 ml of linseed oil. We recommend slightly heating the oil before making the massage.

Flax poultices

This remedy is ideal to combat lung and bronchial disorders, and it is also very simple to prepare. We just need flax seeds, water and sterile gauze.

First we grind flax seeds, for example in a coffee grinder. Then we will put to boil in a little water. Simmer the two or three minutes and remove from heat. Let stand a few moments to not burn. We'll see how the liquid has thickened, thanks to the mucilage that give a gelatinous texture. That will wrapped in gauze paste and apply directly to the area of ​​the lungs or bronchi for half an hour. also we cover with a towel and a woolen cloth. We will notice instant relief and we can repeat several times in one day.

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