Is it healthy to eat fruit on an empty stomach?

Regarding the fact eat fruit before breakfast, there are different beliefs. They are those who believe it is not right to do so and there are others who believe that the best compliment you can add to your daily diet is a fruit when you're fasting.

What will be better?

Without any doubt, the fruit turns out to be a perfect food to start the day, it does not require large amounts of energy to be processed by our digestive system and also it offers distinct benefits for running all day. In addition, fruits are considered the only food to make the brain work faster, providing a balance with other parts of the body.

Moreover, we found that the properties of fruits are the most important elements for the proper functioning of our systems. In the case of fruit, we see that content is mostly fructose, which is generally composed of approx. 95% water. And speaking of water, we talk about cleaning and a food source they are acting in our body.

How to eat fruit?

The problem eating fruits is that most people do not know the right method to consume. In this case, what should be done is to consume fruits when we are fasting or when we have an empty stomach.

Why eat fruits when we are fasting or when we have an empty stomach?

fruits cancerfruits cancer

This is the true effective method to consume, because the fruits, in the beginning of digestion, not being digested by the stomach but in the small intestine. What happens with fruits is passing quickly through the stomach and then go to the intestine, site where they release their sugars.

Instead, if we had fruits with starches, potatoes or meat, fruits do not perform the process of reaching the intestine, which is where they can perform their best feature, but begin to ferment.

What happens when you eat fruits me feel bad?

If you eat fruits and feel after an unpleasant taste in your mouth or feel discomfort or heaviness in the stomach, it is because certainly not eaten properly and your stomach was not empty.

Other contexts ...

If among your routine you usually consume before breakfast packaged juice (processed or purchased) or juice in cans or glass containers, we recommend that you avoid them, for that is there is because surely has been heated in the production process , which makes the original structure of the juice to become acidic and, in turn, preservatives.

Speaking of benefits

Pera heartPera heart

The fact consume fruits in the morning not only is giving less weight to your diet, but it is bringing its well-marked natural properties as well as:

  • Help protect against heart disease.
  • Strengthen capillaries, especially those weak vessels, which are constantly causing heart attacks or internal bleeding.
  • With its content of bioflavonoids prevent blood from getting to thicken and clog your arteries.

How to make effective the diet with fruit?

If you are someone who usually out of bed and eat many foods, but may miss the bread and butter and coffee, you're probably starting bad day, because you're taking your stomach elements that will take you the whole day to digest. So what you do is think of foods easily absorbed and cleanse your body, as well as fruits.

If at all possible, try to consume only fresh fruits and juices when you wake up or until noon. You implement consumption for longer, you will give the body a chance to go faster cleaning.

other recommendations

tonics juicestonics juices

If you're going to consume fruits or juices, always tries that are not too cold or ice cream, as this causes the components solidify and that slow digestion.
For after your meal, you could start implementing a hot tea or, if you prefer, a little hot water. What they do in their softening temperature is fat to be eliminated faster and easier digestion.

* NOTE: Do not forget to consume fresh fruits well, take care and enjoy it.

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