Red eyes, or so-called eye congestion, may arise from various causes. Allergies, continued exposure to the computer, or even touching the eyes with dirty hands can cause this painful reality sometimes so common. Prevention and follow good habits in our view is essential, hence we want to explain and bring you simple remedies.

There are many plants that can help treat red eyes. It is true that you can go to the pharmacy and purchase any eye drops, but it never hurts to know what we can do for Mother Nature. Knowing the properties and methods of use of many of them, they can become valuable allies in those moments that we need help. But we know a little more about the subject.

Why do we suffer from red eyes?

We must be clear that before applying any eye drops or remedy, we must know the cause of why that inflammation in our eyes. Not knowing the origin agravemos can make the situation even more. Let us see what might be the causes:

eye infection


  • Surely ever you happened to you. Pain, irritation, staining red tone that our eyes ... the danger is an eye infection that can lead to conjunctivitis, and pass quickly from one eye to the other. But Why you can infect our eyes?
  • The infection is caused by external agents, by small metal for example, elements of nature that, we may be allergic, such as pollen or lint from trees, and even suspended dust. we must also consider cleaning up our hands and eyes restregarnos danger of them when we have them dirty.
  • You must remember also that the use of lenses can cause serious damage to our eyes. Care in handling and use the appropriate times, it is essential to maintain good health.

Very dry eyes

Dry EyesDry Eyes

  • There are people who fail to humidify well the eye. This becomes dry and is more sensitive to the environment is impacted by the elements and ends with severe congestion. The reason that our eyes do not quite have this essential moisture to stay hydrated is sometimes related to some diseases. It will always be your doctor who will for the proper diagnosis

Exposure to computer screen


  • Also one of the most common causes for our eyes appear red. In light of these devices including the Cellphones- it is very harmful to the organs of our vision. Chafe, is on charge, even it makes losing sharpness go ... it is essential to do short breaks when you work with him

sleep Deprivation

The insomniaThe insomnia

  • Are you surprised? the Lack of sleep may cause eye congestion very serious, That's right, and it also makes us appear eye bags. The sleep deprivation makes us the defenses down, we are more vulnerable to infections, we are not well oxygenated, the body suffers and is very characteristic the rise with red eyes. Surely ever you happened to you.

Remedies to care for and treat your eyes


hamamelis- Hamamelis solves ocular inflammations and congestions

1. Natural Break your eyes

  • When you've spent a sleepless night, or you sleep too little, a simple remedy to relieve inflammation in your eyes, is the use of cold compresses and warm compresses on the eyes. Soak a small towel with very cold water and five minutes Leave it fall on your face, over his eyes. Then do the same with a cloth soaked in this time-not hot- warm water. This activates the circulation of your eyes.

2. Infusion of hamamelis

  • A very simple remedy. You just have to make a tea with a sprig of witch hazel. Once you've rested the cup you got, you can moisten a cotton pad and leave a few seconds on the affected eye. Let your eyeball this infusion moisten. Witch hazel is the best plant to treat red eyes.

3. carrot slices

  • The carrot is ideal for ocular decongestion. Its properties have always been well suited to take care of our eyes, so do not miss the opportunity to try this remedy. To do this, you must boil a carrot, then, let it cool. Then cut two finite laminitis and colócatelas eyes for ten minutes. You can repeat this action three times a day, cutting new portions of the carrot. It will help a lot, decongestant and desinflama.