10 remedies to control intestinal gas

Intestinal gas suffer is as common as annoying, usually installed in our abdomen provoking and annoying swelling and pain caused by the gas that is trapped in the folds of the colon.

Many studies tell us that their training is basically due to poor dietary habits, leaving an excess of unhealthy air in our body. Hence we want to offer some simple remedies to relieve those annoying moments in the day, also recommending that you try to eat a balanced diet where not miss especially water consumption, at least two liters a day as well as consume prebiotics, which help us to keep our intestinal flora in good condition favoring proper digestion.

Main causes of gases

  • Consumption of some foods such as beans, beans, beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, carbonated soft drinks, cauliflower, onions ...
  • A possible lactose intolerance.
  • Eating too much, causing not yet digested food becomes gas.
  • A Incorrect chewing Food: undigested pieces take longer to ferment.
  • Eating with your mouth open, consume many gum, drinking carbonated soft drinks and even smoking.
  • Some medicines: Laxatives, tranquilizers, or reducing cholesterol.
  • Anxiety and stress.

10 remedies for intestinal gases

  • 1. Papaya and pineapple


 Take these fresh fruits after every meal, It will help us to have a Enzinas essential to successfully complete digestion avoiding the appearance of gases. You can get a juice or a tasty salad combining both.

  • 2. Ginger: Simply ideal, such us tea with ginger root, or eaten in small amounts in our meals, is certainly a great ally for promote our digestion and avoid annoying gases.Alternatively, for example, take one teaspoon grated fresh ginger before meals.
  • 3. Apple cider vinegar. Another remedy highly effective and recommended by doctors. Simply dilute two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and take it well during meals or immediately after them. It will help with digestion and prevent flatulence.
  • 4. Dandelion. Grass common and affordable for all of us, the dandelion has small leaves its amazing health benefits, one of them relieve gases. You can take an infusion or put it in your meals as a spice.
  • 5. Cinnamon tea.


In general, taking herbs such as chamomile, cinnamon or cloves It will help us eliminate the bacteria that causes putrefaction of food encouraging mobility of our gut. Take them when you feel pain or upset.

  • 6. Green Anise. We will serve both to prevent and to relieve gases when we suffer. To do this, crushes 2 teaspoons anise seeds and put them to boil in a cup of water. When it has boiled let stand a few minutes. You can drink a cup before the main meal to prevent or consume when you're suffering an episode of gases.
  • 7. cloth hot water.When we begin to feel the discomfort in the stomach or the swollen belly, we can also use a simple remedy: a cloth with hot water, place it in our gut to relax the abdomen and gases are reduced.
  • 8. Lemon juice: Lemon properties are very beneficial for many aspects, and it is thanks to their acid for example is more than ideal in these cases of intestinal gases. So we can take some lemon juice in the morning nothing but rise to debug, and after the midday meal.
  • 9. Garlic. Garlic is an excellent partner for many aspects of our health. Its properties to improve digestion and reduce gases are well known, and a suitable choice is for example grinding a clove of garlic with a little black pepper and a few coriander seeds. We boil two cups of water with these elements and we can take two divided doses throughout the day.
  • 10. Coconut water.

cracked coconut with splashing watercracked coconut with splashing water

In addition to refreshing and delicious coconut water it has many secrets in its composition that makes it perfect for reduce our gases and improve our digestion. We can take a glass in the afternoon, since according to many nutritionists is just after lunch and mid-afternoon when they begin to feel the presence of gases annoying.

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